Story Time

Friday, October 24, 2008

I have some time before we head over to the hospital.

So here's a humorous story for you this morning:

Cayman's crib is still next to our bed. I just can't seem to bring myself to move her away from my side.

Yesterday morning around 5:30 a.m. I heard Cayman wake up. She always wakes up happy..smiling, laughing, and kicking her feet. The alarm was set to go off at 6 a.m. I wanted that extra 1/2 hour of sleep. I turned Cayman's mobile on and crawled back in bed and figured if she got fussy I would get back up but if she laid there playing I would be most grateful. A little before 6 o'clock I heard her "talking" again. It was close enough to the hour we needed to wake up so I pulled my feet out from under the warm blankets and stood up. I leaned over the crib ready to say good morning to Cayman with the expectation of being greeted back with a big smile.


Mike was in bed, and I was aware that he had not gotten up in the last 1/2 hour.

I gasped and screamed, "Mike, where's Cayman?!?!"

Mike sat straight up, quite startled by my panicked question.

I grabbed the crib comforter (the only thing in her crib) and pulled it out. There was Cayman underneath it. She had kicked the blanket over her head. As soon as the comforter came off her she started laughing. She thought it was so funny.

Who needs morning coffee after that?!

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Beth said...

OH my - don't you hate that panic feeling!!!!!!

Glad she was ok and that she thought it was funny - at least someone did, right?

Shannon said...

Cute crib set! Cute story too. I would still have coffee.

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

HAHAHA! What a great story! :)
The girls and I prayed for y'all this morning before they left for school, and I've been thinking about sweet Cayman all morning! Can't wait to hear when she's out of surgery and recovering well... :)
Love you guys!

P.S. How do you tell me and the Shannon who posted above me apart? Even I'm confused. :) Haha.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for Caymen throughout the day.

I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I have followed it for sometime now.

God bless,
Joany and Carly George
carepage: carlyscarepage100

Sherri said...

Ha! That is hilarious!
We will be praying for you all today :)

Anonymous said...

it's 11:10 now and you guys I'm sure are getting ready/antsy to go into surgery!! I am praying right now that everything goes well, Cayman recovers quickly and that you and Mike are comforted thoughout!!!! We are praying for you all!! Let us know when she's out of surgery!! We love you guys!!!
Nick, Val and Ashalyn!!

Ann said...

Too cute! I hate that panic feeling. Jonathan decided to play hide and seek and forgot to tell us.

Hey wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and praying for you, Mike and Cayman today. My God protect Cayman today and give you and Mike peace.


Shannon said...

I wondered the same thing too Shannon (this is the other Shannon). I am a friend of Kristen's mom, we both have adopted children about the same age. Maybe I should sign my whol name lol!
I read your blog every day, several times, another addict. Tell your mom I miss seeing her at work!