Out of Surgery

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cayman is out of surgery. She's doing great.

Thanks for the prayers!!

We haven't seen her yet. We've been told she's awake and doing so good they pulled the breathing tube out already. She's of course very groggy and going to be on heavy pain killers.

It was so relieving to hear the words from the doctor, "We're all done."

We're just now anxiously waiting to see her.

***Here's the happy girl a few hours before her surgery this morning.

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Ann said...

Praise God that things went well! She looks so cute and happy in that picture! Praying you get to see her soon.

PS - I'm starting to blog over here now and added you to my blog roll. Hope that is ok with you.

MIchelle said...

What a strong little girl (and Mommy!) We're thrilled to hear how well she did!

Shannon said...

Cayman's smile is so radiant in the preop pic. Glad surgery went well. Looking forward to reading how she is doing!

The other Shannon

Sherri said...

Yay! So glad to hear she's doing awesome. We'll pray for an easy night! Btw...we got an absolutely adorable hat in the mail today!!

Jessie said...

So happy to hear surgery went well!
Hope you get to see her sweet smile soon!

Stephanie said...

How happy day. Keep on sparklin Cayman.

Shannon said...

Hahahaha to "the other Shannon!" :) Very funny.

This news totally makes my day! Way to go Cayman, and way to go Kristen and Mike...surgeries take a big toll on the whole family. We're praying for a continued smooth recovery, and that you get to see her smiling face really soon! :)

Mary said...

Yippee!!! How wonderful that everything went well. I hope the Cayman recovers quickly and you guys are able to go home soon with a princess with a good healthy heart.