Friday, October 24, 2008

Cayman's recovering comfortably now. It took some time to get her pain under control so she'd rest well.

Cayman has lots of wires and bandages attached to her again.
The large tube coming out of her left side (it's red) is draining the extra fluids that her body makes from the surgery. This chest drainage tube is a routine procedure for Cardiac Patients to have after surgery to keep their heart and lungs from filling up with the fluid the body produces.

She has an IV on her left foot and the rest of the wires are for her heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, and respiration rate.

The white bandages on her left side, just under her arm is the surgical site. The Surgeon said the tension across her trachea (windpipe) was pretty tight. Now having that fixed hopefully we'll see a big improvement on Cayman's feedings. She's dropped weight. She's only 12 pounds 12 oz. now. I think that puts her almost off the weight chart for her age. We need to get that kid eating..."Eating like a Stamm," Daddy says.

It's so tough seeing Cayman so lifeless. It makes me realize just how much older she has gotten.

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Michelle said...

Just keep that picture of her smiling in her earlier post with you and know that she'll be back to that and better in no time at all. Babies are made of rubber, they bounce right back!

Tara said...

Im glad to read she did so well in surgery! Can't wait to see that beautiful little smile back on her face! And yours and Mike's too! Thinking of you all!

Jennifer said...

Praying for strength for you and for little Cayman!!! HUGS!!!

Kacey Bode said...

Poor baby, I'm so glad everything went well. She is one tuff girl!!!

So, Ella's doctor called today, she had an upper GI study done on Tuesday and everything from that was fine, but on it they saw that her aorta is making her esophaus bulge in, no ring around it but is narrowing it. So, of course I thought of you. Anyhow we are having an echo on Monday morning.

Jessie said...

I can't imagine seeing Luke like that! How hard that has to be to see your baby with all those wires. She'll be her smiley self soon! She has gotten big!! She's a doll!

Lisa said...

I just got home from my rehearsal and was thinking about Cayman. I had to visit your blog and see how things went. She was on my mind all day!
It breaks my heart to see her back in the hospital again. But I know that she will do so much better because of this surgery.

Sherri said...

Miles is up kicking his crib loudly, so I thought I'd check how you all are doing...I'm sure it makes you just ache to see her all hooked up to monitors and everything. I'm praying for that little cutie to get back to playing, talking and smiling in record time. Hang in there each day will be significantly better. You'll be at home playing dress up with her cute hats in no time :) Love, Sherri