Cayman's Benefit (continued)

Monday, August 11, 2008

As I promised, here is more about Cayman's benefit:

It was such an amazing time. We are so blessed to be apart of a loving community full of supportive and caring people. It was estimated between 700-800 people came!!

The food was great!! Our good friend, Matt, who happens to be a professional Chef, worked the grill!! ("Thank you Matt!! The burgers and hot dogs were amazing. Another big thanks to those that donated the food. Your time you took to prepare a dish and bring it is so greatly appreciated.") Rita, a gorgeous lady in our church and owns a local pizza store, helped coordinate all the food and the kitchen help ("Thank you Rita and all the rest of the kitchen staff! It's a lot of work to keep the food coming for that many people! You all were a big help!")

There were 4 local christian bands that played and each gave a wonderful performance! Even Aunt Sam and Uncle Mark got some percussion time in. ("To the bands, thank you for playing. Cayman did not seem to enjoy your loud music but everyone else did :o).")

The silent auction seemed to be the hit feature (well, besides Cayman that is..hehe). There were so many fantastic items that were donated. People had a lot of fun "shopping" and bidding. ("Thank you to those of you that had a hand in coordinating the auction-Grandma Cindy, Grandma Sue, Aunt Stacey, Karen, and Tammi. We also thank each one of you that donated to the silent auction. A lot of time and creativity were put into the items and that made the "shopping" and bidding fun. We also thank those of you that participated in the silent auction. It was fun to watch so many of you win your items and those of you that were out bid, it was entertaining to watch you be so proud of yourself for bidding up the item and lose with such grace. Everyone had such a friendly, competitive attitude. Thank you all for that!!")

The kids had fun with their games. ("Thank you Mr. Reid for letting us borrow your awesome games. Thank you Grandma Sue for picking up the games, providing candy, and coordinating the kid activities at the benefit. Carla, thank you for bringing the nerf footballs for the kids to take home. All the children were running around happy and energetic!! A big thanks to the face painters. I saw some of the kids walking around with their hands, faces, etc. painted up beautifully. You people have talent! I was impressed!)

A special thank you to Sara and Kadyn, who drove over 1 1/2 hours to come to the benefit! Far as I know she was the guest that came the furthest. Sara is a mom to a precious little boy born with hydrocephalus. I met Sara on the internet several months ago, and at the benefit was the first we met in person. She is so sweet. ("Sara, I had so much fun talking with you in person. Kadyn is amazing and you are a wonderful mommy to him. Thank you for making that long drive. Meeting you was a highlight of that day for me.")

"To the Burkholder family: Thank you Larry and Greg for running the sound and picture slide show during the event. And Karen, thank you for handling all the financial collections from the benefit. You are a very precious family to us."

In case you missed that number at the beginning...700-800 people came!!! That's a lot of people and a lot of love!! The Oooo's and Awwww's over Cayman made our parent hearts swell with pride. We wish we could thank each one of you individually but we do not have the resources to do so. Your attendance was the final touch to making the benefit a great success. There were several people that could not make it to the event but still wanted to showed their support. We received cards, phone calls, and in person visits before and after the benefit, flooding our home with so much love. We thank you as well for your thoughtfulness. Mike and I are deeply humbled by the love and support people have given us.

And to Aunt Stacey, thank you. You got this benefit started and kept the ball rolling to see it through. You did a lot. There was not a single area of it that did not bear your touch. I do not know how you managed to coordinate such a large event. I hope you are so proud of yourself at the success it was. We thank you for your hard work and wish you many peaceful nights rests now that it is over...and you too Uncle Dan.

My Uncle Paul brought his camera and captured the event with a 122 pictures!! To view those photos click here. ("Thank you Uncle Paul for doing that! You know how much I love pictures!!! I feel the urge for scrapbooking coming on.")

We do not want to miss thanking anyone. I'm trying to go through all of it making sure I've covered everything. If I have missed someone please forgive me and bring it to my attention because we desire for everyone to know how grateful we are.

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Lisa said...


I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how the benefit went! I am so happy it was a huge success! Cayman is a blessing....and everyone wants to show their love for her! I am so happy that you live in a wonderful community and received such great support.

And you look great in blue by the way :)

Sheila Smith said...


Hi! This is a long overdue message! I'd better introduce myself first.... :) My name is Sheila (Hathaway) Smith, and I'm writing from California. My cousin is Kendra Stamm, whom I know you know very well! I am from Missouri where Kendra and I grew up, but most of our family is in Ohio now, and I lived there for about 5 years before moving here. I actually know your mom, we worked together at Fulton County for awhile, but I'm not sure if she remembers me. I found your blog through Kendra's, and have been "following" Cayman's story since she was born. It's sorta like tuning in to an online reality show, but with alot more loving and heart-ful intent! :) I just want you to know that you are a remarkably inspiring woman, a truly gracious and lovely wife and mother, and God is moving through you to bless and touch others in ways you may never even realize until you're enlightened in heaven! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your testimony of faith that speaks to so many.

Praying For Your Family,

Sheila Smith

PS My mom (Linda Hathaway) met you at Cayman's benefit Saturday and my Dad played in the Lockport band. They were so happy to meet you and your family and think you guys are great!

MJLRosebrook said...

I'm so sorry we were not able to attend Cayman's benefit. I had planned on coming for weeks and it didn't work out. I'm so glad to hear that it was such a success!

Sherri said...

Isn't it absolutely amazing to see what people can do when they come together? Wow! 800 people!! That is crazy. You have one incredibly loved little girl. I'm just thrilled to hear that everything went well. Wish we could have come- Joe and I would have LOVED to hear the bands! More videos soon :)

Kadynsmommy2007 said...

What an amazing picture of us (kadyn looks like he punched me in the chin lol silly kid) I was happy to drive that far, it was worth the drive, it made it easier with my sister only living 20 min away, i stayed with her and got to visit her and my nephew and brother in that had to have been my best day all week :-)

I hope to meet the lil sweetie again!! :-)

The Soldatke family said...

Wow! Too bad we;re so far away, sherri and could've carpooled:) What an amazing testamony to the impact your family has had on others! You are an amazing family. Sorry for the spelling, I'm typing one handed!


Ann said...

I wish I could have come but living in Washington state is a little too far to drive. I was at a wedding all Saturday but was thinking of you the whole time too. I am so glad the event went well. I pray for you every day.

I looked through all the pictures this afternoon and I must say you look beautiful.


Jerry, Tia, Kaiden And Hunter said...

I'm so glad that it was a success. I'm also sad that we couldn't be there, but know we are always with ya in prayer. We finally have a blog too now if ya want to see updated pics of the boys! Love ya girl!

*_honey._* 홍 하 니 said...


I'm Honey from Penang, Malaysia. I have been clicking around, and I saw the link to your blog in one of the comments by Angela in

Just want to let you know that you'are a strong woman and I'm glad that Cayman's benefit was a success.

I hope things will get better for your family.

Jerry, Tia, Kaiden And Hunter said...

just wanted to let you know that we changed the address to our blog. we thought would be much easier to tell people! Hope you have a wonderful wednesday!