Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday March 26
2:15 p.m.
Today is Cayman's 40 week due date. It's also my Great Aunt Betty's birthday and Sue Lowe's birthday. Sue is a friend of my family and has been a second mom to me. The picture to the right is my Aunt Betty with Cayman when she came to visit.

Physical Therapy (P.T.) came today. I'm not for sure what all took place during her session because we weren't there for it. I know the therapist outlined her body with cushions to try and keep her in alignment. Cayman tends to turn her head to the left side and they figure it is because that is the side Mike and I always sit on when we're with her. Because she always gets herself in this position it's causing her skull bones to shift and override each other even greater on her left side. The picture on the left shows all the cushions Cayman has to hold her body in alignment.

The Occupational Therapist (Heather) was back today. Cayman ate 5 ml of milk from a bottle. It took her 20 minutes to do it, but the fact that is she is sucking and swallowing is awesome! Heather ordered for us or the nurse to bottle feed her every 8 hours, only 10 ml of milk, not exceding more than 20 minutes. When bottle feeding is this new to a baby it can wear them out and upset their system if we would push past 20 minutes each bottle feeding session.

10:00 p.m.
My posts haven't been as frequent as they were in the past because there is so much going on...for good reason. We have been trying to get everything ready and Cayman ready to go home this weekend!! The doctor said right now they are looking at Friday or Saturday. There is so much for us to do and learn about her home care. She will be going home with her G-tube so we have to learn how to take care of that and to give her feedings through it. Tomorrow she will hit her full feeding which is 22 ml an hour of breast milk. She was taken off her feedings through her IV since she is now getting enough through her tummy. The car seat safety lady came by today and put Cayman in a seat for an hour. This test evaluated her tolerance of it and watched her oxygen level to make sure she could breath comfortably. She passed!! We had just enough time to snap a picture of her in the car seat before we were shooed out of the NICU because there was a surgery performed on a baby in there today. The car seat lady advised us to get a Safe Seat from Babies R Us. This kind of car seat would allow Cayman to stay rear facing in the vehicle until she reaches 30 lbs. Keeping Cayman rear facing for as long as possible will be the safest for her head if we were in a crash. So we went to Babies R Us tonight and got the car seat/stroller combo.

Daddy bottle feeding Cayman for the first

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Grandma S said...

Cayman continues to amaze all of us every day with her accomplishments. I think she wants to come home as much as we want her home.

I volunteer to help out with all of those feedings!

Tammi said...

YEAH!! We are so excited. Cayman is doing so well. I can't wait to meet her! We found a house out here for you guys. :O) And we found a spot for your mom to open her one stop wedding shop! :O) I'm sure Cayman will agree she wants to be out here where it's warm all the time! We love you guys!!

samantha said...

YAY!! I'm so proud of my baby niece doing so well! I hope she gets to come home this weekend!! love you guys!! :):)

Kacey Bode said...

Awesome!! See, you knew she was sucking!!! When Ella was first born they also told us that anything beyond 30 min of feeding is burning more calories than she is getting from the bottle, or something like that! I'm so excited for you guys!!

Amy W said...

GO CAYMAN!! GO CAYMAN!! :oD Yeah for such a strong baby girl!! Countdown to the day she can come home!!!!!! xoxoxoxox!!

Mom & Proud Grandma said...

Can't hardly see to type for the tears - Cayman you are purely amazing! Love to you all!!!

Stacie W. said...

How exciting!!!!!!!!!!! She will be home soon with you guys! My thoughts are with you everyday!

Shannon said...

Yay Cayman! She is doing so well, and she seems so alert! I'm so excited for your family...soon you'll all be home getting settled! :)

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

She looks so cute in her carseat! What a big girl. How thrilling for you...she is almost ready to come home!