Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday March 27
6:00 p.m.
I do not know where to begin to try and write about today. We met with so many people and took in so much information regarding Cayman's care:

  • Car Seat Safety class
  • Occupational Therapy-she got her splints on her hands today
  • Physical Therapy-we were shown exercises to do with her
  • the insurance lady-this required lots of phone calls and some faxing for Mike today
  • Neurosurgery-they checked to make sure her shunt is on the right setting and ordered for her to be laid flat again so her fluid drainage will slow down
  • The G-tube nurse-gave us a whole instructional lesson on how to care for her G-tube and what to do if it would get pulled out. Tomorrow we will learn how to feed her through her G-tube. Cayman is finished with her continuous feeds and now they are working on getting her full feedings to her every 3 hours, like a normal baby's schedule
  • the discharge planning lady (Christy)
  • getting all her follow up care appointments set up with Neurosurgery, Cardiologist, Pediatric surgery, Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, and Pediatrician
  • Cayman had a hearing test done today. This was one of the last thing done today so by this time she was so disturbed she was almost completely uncooperative, so the test readings were not accurate.
I think that might have been everything from today. Not totally sure though. It was a lot!! We're a bit brain dead. Right now the plan is for Cayman to go home on Saturday if all keeps going well. She has to tolerate her every 3 hour feeding schedule. Please pray that goes well.
This picture is of Cayman getting her hearing test done. It was a simple, noninvasive test. Two electrodes were placed in front of her ears and one on her forehead. A tiny instrument was inserted just inside of her ear that made a tiny tiny noise. The test will only work if the baby is sleeping. The machine then reads the brain activity in correspondence to the noise. Cayman would not stay asleep. I tried wrapping my hands around her body so she would feel snuggled and relaxed during the test. This helped some but not enough to make the test readings accurate.

Even though today was busy, Daddy managed to get in some cuddle-ti
me with Cayman.

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Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

whew - I am exhausted just reading about your day. That is so much to take in. I hope she does well with her feedings so that you can take her home on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Kristen, I am so encouraged by your blog! I'm praying for you and Mike and Cayman daily... God has big plans for this special family. Keep your focus on Him.

Praying that you get to go home on Saturday!

-- Honour Ruffer

Tammi said...

Kristen -
We are so excited that you are about to make a big milestone of being able to bring Cayman home. That is huge. She has done so well. The video of her eating was amazing - she was so alert and watching both you and Mike making sure she didn't miss anything! The picture of Mike and Cayman napping is so cute - they both look very comfortable!! :O) We are so blessed that you have allowed us all to be a part of this even if it's just reading it in your blog and talking with you on the phone. I would love to be a part of it in person - but I'm blessed to atleast have this! :O) We love all THREE of you!! :O)

Mom & Proud Grandma said...

We have everything ready at this end for our little Sunshine to come home :o) !!!!! and her Mommy & Daddy !!!!
It will be so wonderful to have you ones close by! Our thoughts and prayers are continually with you! Whenever I think about Cayman and the little personality she is displaying I can't help but smile - really BIG... she is so amazing!

samantha said...

I'm coming home this weekend! so i'm super excited that you guys and Cayman will be coming home too!!! I can't wait to hold her...and spoil her! hehe. love ya! :):)

Anonymous said...

So excited you're able to be going home soon - God willing. Prayer is such a powerful thing!! It's so fun for us to check your blog site. Georgiana points and goes "baby!!" we watched cayman eating the other day on the blog and georgie goes "mmm. baba. baby!!!!" she even tried to feed her picture on the computer a cheerio. too funny. I'm jsut so happy that things are going so well and you'll soon be able to be home. There's nothing like being home with your little one and just holding her all day long. It's so hard to have to ever lay a baby down! hugs and cuddles and great healers too, i think.
safe travels and many blessings!
amy kruse