Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday March 25
3:15 p.m.
O.T. came this afternoon to work with Cayman again. Mike and I made sure we were there for the appointment since yesterday's did not go well. We weren't there for the appointment yesterday and we thought maybe Cayman would do better if we were with her since she knows us. Cayman blew the occupational therapist (Heather) away today. She said Cayman's sucking response was 180 degree difference than it was yesterday. It's still not where it should be but it's close. The plan is to give her a bottle tomorrow and see how she handles it. We're so excited! Heather gave Daddy and I "homework". She showed us how to work with Cayman to encourage sucking as well as some arm, wrist, and finger exercises for her. Cayman always keeps her wrists turned inward, and her arms bent at the elbow, as well as her left thumb is always tucked into her fist. Heather is going to make custom splints for Cayman's wrists and thumbs so that her muscles don't become shortened since she keeps them flexed so tight.

We talked to Cayman's main Neonatologist today (Dr. Lindsey). Right now the plan for discharge is this weekend. We're so thrilled!! Of course Daddy has to work so it's sad he may miss Cayman's homecoming but it'll be great for him to drive home and we'll be there!! Tomorrow she'll be up to her full feedings through her G-tube. That'll be 24 ml an hour. Once she reaches that she'll be taken off her IV feedings.

I love reporting our good news!!Daddy teaching Cayman to suck - one of the techniques the Occupational Therapist gave us to do with her

Cayman and Mommy snuggling

8:00 p.m.
Daddy and I gave Cayman a bath tonight all by ourselves. We're starting to get more comfortable with moving her and picking her up ourselves. It's been awkward and still is some because her head is large and not perfectly round like a normal newborn's.

Sometimes there is so much going on I forget to write about some things. Thank you Jennifer for asking about her head size. Two nights ago Cayman's head was measured at 43 cm. She was born with it at 48 cm. So quite a difference. Holding her is easier since her head is smaller than it was. 43 cm is still large for a newborn girl. The Neurosurgeon said her head will be large and maybe one day she'll grow into it, but not to expect it to become the normal size for a baby girl. A couple of her sutures (skull bones) in her head override each other. This override is visible on her left side of the head and in the back of the head. We haven't talked to the Neurosurgeon yet about this so we're not sure if the bones will eventually place themselves where they should be or what will happen. This poor little kiddo...she's doing so well but she has such a long road ahead of her. Just because she's doing so well, please don't stop praying for her. Her coming home is not the end of things. She'll have an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, possibly home nursing care, we have to find a Neurologist to evaluate her brain development, as well as all her other doctor check-ups with her belly surgeon, and her Neurosurgeon. The MRI shows that Cayman has brain damage. How severe it is we don't know. Only watching her as she grows and develops will answer how mild or severe her handicaps will be. So please please keep praying for our baby!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! This is amazing news!!!! We were praying for sometime soon you all could come home!! Brings tears to my eye!! (ha, yes, i cry at everything now adays!!) But we are so excited for you guys and so proud of Cayman!!!
Valerie and Nicholas

Mom AND Grandma :o) said...

Oh Kris!!!! I have tears!!! Give Cayman kisses and hugs & tell her Grandma is soooo proud of her!!!

Love you guys and miss you too!


Jennifer said...

Praise the LORD and YAY Cayman!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!

Tammi said...

Kris - we are so excited! That is such good news and even better because that means I can come and visit her soon! :O) Cayman is such a fighter! And I can't wait to meet her! Give Cayman hugs and kisses and tell her aunt Tammi loves her and is so very proud of her. We love you guys and we are praying that you will all be home this weekend!

Tharker said...

That is such great news!!!! Keep blowing them away Cayman!

Michelle said...

Awesome! It's great to see her face with no tubes and now she's sucking too! Yay!!

Jennifer said...

Kristen, are there new measurements on her head? It looks so much smaller!!

Kacey Bode said...

I am so excited for you guys. That is such great news. I would definetly recommend being there for all of her OT appts, I think they will work with her more when you are supervising! Yay Cayman!!! I love the pics of you guys holding her!!!

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

I am overjoyed!!!! She is going home soon! What wonderful words for you to hear. Your dream of enjoying a quiet evening at home with your family is coming soon!

Tharker said...

I love the pictures of you both getting to hold and snuggle her.

Anonymous said...

Mike, when I first looked at you and Cayman, I thought I saw the joy of Fatherhood was on your face, but then I took a second look! That grin says MORE than Fatherhood. I wonder what you were thinking when you were trying to get Cayman to learn to suck. Kris, you and Cayman are the very picture of Mother, Daughter, love, peace, contentment of Mother and daugher. I love both of the pics! The pictures are far more worth than a thousand words.
Lots of Love & Prayers,
Aunt Linda/Great Aunt Linda

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

Elisabeth's sutures override eachother too. They are quite visible. For several months the neurosurgeon and neurologist insisted that it was nothing and not to worry about it. But now they are sealing together and she will be having surgery sometime this summer to re-open them....so make sure they keep an eye on it.