Cayman's shunt surgery...finally

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday March 15
Mike and I woke up early this morning (5 a.m.) to make it over to the hospital to be with Cayman before her surgery. She was resting so peacefully and even had a smile on her face. The nurse asked us if we wanted to hold her before she went for her surgery. We were so surprised to find out that they were going to work it out for us to hold her. But as much as it was difficult to say "No" Mike and I decided that since she was resting comfortably we would not disturb her. She's still on the ventilator and still healing from her belly surgery so it could have put stress on her. We're so ready to hold her, but we want to hold her when she'll be able to enjoy it too.

Her surgery went great. It was an incredible feeling when the doctors came out to tell us it was over. It was so exciting to hear the Neurosurgeon say "The shunt is working. I was watching it drip". How exciting to know that the fluid is no longer just building and building on her brain!! It felt like such a relief, a weight lifting from me. Now it feels we can finally move forward. All through the pregnancy and this whole week it feels like her health has been put on hold. Soon the ventilator will come out and she can work on learning to eat. Please pray that she will prove to be a Stamm and love to eat!!! If I understand it right, learning to suck and swallow is now the only big hurdle she has to get over before she can come home. It's what will determine how much longer she'll be in the hospital. Mike jokes that there is no better place to learn how to suck than at U of M. :o) But seriously, we feel Cayman couldn't be in any better hands.

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Shannon said...

Praise the Lord that her surgery was a success and that she's doing so well! I really admire you, though I only know you by blog. :) Continued prayers...!

samantha said...

I think mike is right....about the whole sucking thing! haha. :)

samantha said...

mom says....and the stamm eating thing. haha. :)

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

This is Lisa's husband Donald. And while I don't care for either UM or OSU (Well, the whole Big 10 for that matter) Your husband's comment is the funniest thing that I have heard all week. I am glad to see that he is able to keep a good sense of humor through all of this. As always we are thinking of you guys, hoping and praying everything is ok. I bet she will be chowing down in no time!


Sarah said...

Yay! Praise God this surgery is done! With the determination Cayman has shown so far she'll probably learn to eat right away. Awesome, too about the Ronald McD room opening up right when you had to leave the Nesting Room. Better than paying for a hotel!

And, we all got a nice laugh about the Michigan comment. Laughing is always a good thing!

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

Apparantly my husband has already been here commenting :)
Your husband does have a great sense of humor!! Tell him thanks for the laugh!
I was thrilled to read this update! Not only does it sound like the surgery went great, but you sound like you are in high spirits too!
Hopefully that dear little angel of yours will figure out the whole eating thing quickly! Elisabeth had her surgery at 1 day old and she was home a week didn't take her to long to master sucking. She was a fat baby and I don't think she wanted to lose her pudge :)
Thanks for keeping us all updated!