A Long Wait for Nothing

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday March 14 (Yesterday)
I did not have the opportunity to blog the whole day. We had to leave our Nesting Room and the day was so incredibly crazy. It started out around 7:30 a.m., Mike running back into our Nesting room, telling me that if I wanted to see Cayman before her Shunt surgery I had to come now. I was just getting out of the shower so I quickly got dressed (quick is quite difficult to do still healing from the C-section) and went to the NICU immediately. Her surgery wasn't scheduled until the afternoon but for some reason they bumped her up. We were bit unprepared for her to go so quickly but a sense of relief to get it done and over with. This is the surgery that we've been waiting for since I was 20 weeks pregnant. In the middle of preparing Cayman to go down to the O.R. the nurse received a phone call saying there was an emergency situation for another child and Cayman's surgery would follow after this case. The emergency surgery took all day. We found out at 7:00 p.m. that the surgeons were going to wait to do Cayman's surgery until tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. It must have been awful for that family having their child in emergency surgery all day!! And it was very hard for Mike and I just waiting all day not knowing when Cayman would go to surgery if she even would at all. We had to leave the Nesting Room today in the early afternoon, so that made it uncomfortable to not have our own space and just sitting in waiting rooms all day. Our families came up for her surgery (mike's parents, my mom, Mike's brother and his wife along with their two girls -our nieces). It was the first for Mike's brother (Mark), Mike's dad (also Mark), and our Nieces (Sidney & CeCe) to meet Cayman. I have pictures of the girls meeting Cayman. It's really precious!! A room opened up at the Ronald McDonald house for us. The timing was perfect since we no longer could stay in the Nesting Room. It was so difficult leaving Cayman, even though the Ronald McDonald house is only a block away. It's the furtherest I've ever been from her!! It was hard on Daddy too. But we did manage to sleep well...just purely exhausted I guess.

The Genetic doctor visited Cayman today. He's going to evaluate the kerotype and microarray tests that were done from the amnio when I was pregnant. There is so many birth defects this little sweetheart has that there is suspicion that she might have a gene defect. She had a full body X-ray to look at her skeletal system and that showed some defects too. Nothing that poses any great threats to her. She has 11 pairs of ribs instead of 12, an extra bone on her right hand next to her thumb, and a lack of bone development to her left thumb joint.

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Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

I hope that her surgery went well today! You must have been so exhausted yesterday...all that waiting and anticipating. I am glad that a room opened up at the Ronald McDonald house....that will save you a ton of money!

samantha said...

I hope Cayman is healing well from her surgery today!! I wanna see those pics of Sidney and CeCe meeting Cayman. I bet they were so excited! I wish i could have been there! see you monday!! love you! :):)

Jennifer said...

I am so proud of you two! I know it is God's grace getting you through this time. Ken and I were a wreck and Mattson's surgery was only for a few hours. Keep drawing your strength through our Lord! I am with everyone else...post more pictures of that beautiful baby!