Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just only a few hours before Cayman was born. I was so ready!Here's me and my big belly on the operating table. I remember having to force this smile...I was so uncomfortable!!
I was not trying to look like Mother Teresa...I was very cold in the operating room.
Cayman, right at birth! I love she came into the world with a smile on her face! Her APGAR scores were awesome....8/9!
Holding my baby for the first time!!

Daddy and Cayman bonded instantly!

One day old

She's a Buckeye fan! Daddy's making sure she's not being brainwashed here at U of M

The day after her belly surgery. She's such a trooper!

Sweet Little Baby Cayman..she's loves her hands up by her face. Even in all the ultrasounds she often could be seen striking this pose.

Right after her Shunt surgery

The Grandmas

Holding Daddy's finger

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Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

What gorgeous pictures!! I can tell that Mike is completely smitten by Cayman....precious!
My favorite is the one showing their hands!

samantha said...

she is soooooo cute!!! I love her! :):)

Grandma :o) said...

I think she is the cutest little granddaughter ever!!! Don't you ???
I am impatiently waiting for opportunities (yes Mike you have to share) for Cayman & I to get to know each other better! Cayman is such an inspiration to me.

Beth said...

She's beautiful!! I was sitting here at work and thought "I need to check on Cayman Cindy - she should have been born by now"!!! LOVE the pictures - and you look great too!

Thoughts and prayers for you all, but especially for Cayman!!


Cayman's Daddy said...

She is sooooo pretty! Even with that big noggin...