Baby Shower

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My baby shower was scheduled for Saturday March 8th (the day Cayman decided to be born) , but only about two hours before it was to start Mike and I were unexpectedly driving up to Ann Arbor. I wasn't feeling well. I had a terrible head cold (which is doing much better now!) and I just felt uncomfortable all over. Mike thought it would be best if we came up to U of M to get checked out instead of heading to a local ER. My uterus had become so quickly overstretched from all the extra amniotic fluid that her stomach anomaly was creating, that might have been bringing on contractions. In the operating room they said my uterus was very stretched and gave injections into it to help it shrink down with as much comfort as possible. It's not been too bad. So anyways, I missed my baby shower. There was a lot of snow that day so quite a few people couldn't make it anyways, and some others had heard that I wasn't going to be there so they decided to not come. Mom and I talked about just canceling it completely but we didn't know for sure who all was coming. There were over 40 people invited. There wasn't enough time to try and call everyone before the shower. Plus, Mike and I don't have everything we need for Cayman once we bring her home, so we were concerned that if people shopped off our registery and bought these items, yet didn't get them to us before she would be brought home we would be going out to buy them making their gift then a duplicate to what we would already have. So we thought it would be better for a lot of reasons to just have the shower. I was excited for everyone to decorate the onesies anyways!! I'm sure it was a bit awkward for all my guests to find out the guest of honor wasn't arriving, but everyone that I talked to that went said they had fun. We're planning, once Cayman is home and settled, having another "party". Not exactly a baby shower. More of a welcome home party. By then the weather may be really nice and we might just have an outdoor picnic. We're looking forward to that!!

We were going to hang pink and white round lanterns from the ceiling but since it was going to be a short, small party under the circumstances the room didn't get all decked out.
I helped mom make these cakes out of diapers, and when trying to figure out what topper for them, Madison picked up one of her ducks and walked over and put it on looked perfect so we left it!

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samantha said...

I can't wait to see Cayman wearing the onezie i made!! hehe. It was good seeing you yesterday!! love you! :):)

Kelsey B said...

The shower was a lot of fun, but we missed you! I can't wait to see you guys, and know that you, Mike, and Cayman are all in my prayers! :)