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Monday, March 17, 2008

I blogged the other day about receiving an email each time I post a new blog. And if you wanted to be on the list then to leave your email address. Then I blogged saying it wasn't working for me. Mike did figure it out, but it's creating a Google Group, which each person that would want to be on the list would have to make a google account and join my group and then you would receive an email each time I posted a new blog, but it's like having another blog site and I didn't like that. So I'm not going to create the email list. Sorry. Hope you all don't mind just checking on the blog every now and then and seeing if there is a new post. Thanks so much for the support!! It's really carrying Mike and I through this time!! Reading everyone's responses is so enjoyable for us and it has made us feel like we are not alone! There is so many times we go back and reread each comment. I know some people have said that they wanted to comment but couldn't figure out how to. If you would want to comment through email instead my address is

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Anonymous said...

Love You Sunshine!!!!!

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

No problem here! You know I am checking for updates all the time anyways :)

krufenacht said...

Hey, Mike & Kristen!
Just wanted you to know that we have been praying for all three of you and little Cayman is so precious! Titus has loved watching the little video of Cayman. I have had to play it over and over for him! We are trusting God along with you and many others for His hand to be upon this precious life!
Kylie, Cory and Titus
ps. I also got a kick out of the comment from Mike about learning how to suck at U of M. very true!!