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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I had a dream last night about my C-section. Cayman was born, I heard her cry, and I wanted to see her and I didn't think they were bringing her over to me quick enough. So I sat up to look at my baby and all my insides fell out. Yeah, a bit weird...and gross.

Mike and I have been reorganizing our space so we have room for Cayman and her stuff. Which is totally exciting. It feels a bit cramped not having our own place but it's going to work out well. I will be glad when I will have a real nursery for her. It's that nesting urge...totally a woman thing I think. But for now I'm feeling excited! Definitely very nervous. It's a different kind of nervous than if she was going to be born without any birth defects. I don't know what to expect, and I hope for the best, and really, I don't even know what that is right now. I just want to hold my baby, love on her.

My belly is really starting to get big. Ok, those of you that have seen me and don't think I look that huge, don't laugh...I really do feel big!! And I'm feeling the stretch on my stomach muscles, and it's quite uncomfortable, not to meantion very tired back muscles. Mom got me one of those pregnancy belly belts thinking the extra support would help my back. I put it on and was amazed how much better my lower back felt. HOWEVER, Cayman decided she didnt' like it. She started pushing against the pressure of the belt so hard I was even more uncomfortable that I had to take it off. She's very territorial. Even in the first trimester, just wearing elastic pants would make me feel sick. As you can imagine, it's been very interesting trying to be comfortable in maternity clothes since almost everything has an elastic waistband.

Speaking of my belly. Mom got me some Cocoa butter lotion for my skin. I love it!! It's formulated so it's healthy and natural for your skin. For all my pregnant friends out there, I highly recommend it. I'm almost 8 months pregnant and I didn't get any stretch marks....not yet anyways. I have a consultant in the area that sells it. If you're interested in her information, let me know. That's all my random thoughts....for now.

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Kendra said...

Yes! The Body Shop stuff is awesome! I dind't have stretch marks until after my son was born, and they also have lotion called stretch mark improver. It doesn't take them away, but I can hardly notice mine anymore. I highly recommend it. :)