Eye Patching

Friday, October 22, 2010

A little over two months ago Cayman saw her eye doctor. Her prescription glasses were not helping to restore the vision loss in her right eye. Orders were written for us to start patching her left eye for three hours a day. By blocking out her vision in her strong eye (the left one) forces her right eye to work and hopefully enabling it to get stronger, reversing the vision loss. If patching is not successful in reaching this goal surgery-talk will come up. Bleh!

Eye patching has been an adjustment in this household.

Cayman hated it strongly in the beginning, who's to blame her. I hated it. Who can blame me.

Once the patch was on, next comes the glasses, which she also hated. Then a few weeks later hearing aids were introduced to her. Oh my goodness! Can I just be honest and tell you that I found myself overwhelmed with emotion from all of this. I slapped a speech onto myself one morning trying to bring reassurance to my soul, "It's not like it's a shunt failure. You can handle this. It's not so bad. Cayman will adjust to it."

It was a fighting routine that I could not let slip between the cracks of everyday life, even though I felt the temptation to. Both Cayman's sight and hearing depended on it. It was not an option not to carry out this routine.

I am convinced that Cayman was convinced I was torturing her everyday though by making her wear this stuff. Again, it's that fine balance as a mother that I feel between stern and gentle.

I would sing her favorite songs {Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, etc.} while I put all this 'stuff' on her each morning. For the most part the songs kept her mind distracted from what I was doing as well as kept those adorable, independent hands too busy to pull all the 'stuff' off.

Now, 5 months later of glasses wearing, 2 months later of eye patch wearing, and a little over a month later of hearing aid wearing, I can say it's all going so much smoother.

Cayman has survived the adjustment to all this 'stuff'. {And so did I}

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Mary said...

I love stopping in to see Cayman and poppoing over to see Tiffany and the flashback series all in the same morning! You guys are a great start to my day!

Cayman is so stinkin cute not even a lil eye patch can take the sparkle out of that smile. When do you go back to see if the patching is helping? I hope its a success and surgery isn't the next step.

Sherri said...

Eye patching is the worst! I was actually glad when they finally decided to do the surgery on Miles' eye! Cayman is so adorable!! Can I request a photo of her in some footie jammies? Haven't seen one in awhile and she's just so cute in her footie jammies!! It looks like she might be wearing them in this photo, but the cute little feet are the best part :)

Lisa said...

Good for you guys! So glad that you were able to stick it out long enough for Cayman to become adjusted to it.

I love how fluffy her hair is in this picture.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they don't have it where you are but my son had to wear an eye patch w/ his glasses and they just gave us a piece of material not paper not completely foam that fit onto the lense of his glasses. He couldn't see through that lense b/c it was completely blocked. Maybe check to see if you could get something like that instead of the patch.

Anonymous said...


I found this link it's how you can even make your own patch from that foam stuff.. This is the same person who posted above. My name is April

*Monica said...

Way to hang in there! My first son had (I am going to spell this wrong, I bet) congenital torticollis. I had to stretch his neck in all these awkward ways and he screamed and screamed. Knowing I was causing my infant pain several times a day was the worst feeling.

You are doing a great job!

Konopik Family said...

I found your blog sometime ago and sit and read when I have time. Can I start by saying you have a beautiful dsughter. My daughter has a syndrome called cri du chat. we have to patch her eyes every day as well. We have to do alternate eyes.

When I was looking for patches I found this site. They have some fun ones. We would change the pattern every day, and made it a game. She would be excited to see what was on it each morning.

At the start it was a battle, but she got used to it. 8 months in and if we forget she comes to us and points. For us it is working and her eyes are getting stronger.

Check out the site...they have patches for on the glasses as well.


Abigail will be 3 on Tuesday, we also tried glasses....but she hated them.

I look forward to more of ur updates, and hope that u keep the amazing faith you have.


Sue said...

What is it about that little girl, that when you look at her....you can't help but smile!!

Grandma CIndy said...

She melts this Grandma's heart with that smile everytime....and then when she signs that she loves me....well... there just aren't words to express what my heart goes through.

Grandma S said...

Ditto Grandma Cindy.

Diane said...

Way to be strong and stick to it. It's really hard seeing them struggle and fight against you. Sometimes they just don't understand it's for the better at the time. But from that picture it looks like she is doing well with the transition and forgives you :)

By the way, love the curls and her hair is coming in so nicely since her last surgery.

Kacey Bode said...

I think I told you this already but Hunter does the patch thing too. He patched for 3 hours everyday for 3 months and it is working, so now we do everyother day for 3 hours. Of course he is much older than Cayman and can be bribed and threatened : ) We got him these patches, http://www.ortopadusa.com/Ortopad-reg-Elite-Girls, well not the girl ones of course. But they are super cute and glittery. And "very soft and.....lets the skin breathe. New redesigned shape, with nasal slits cut in the patch for a better fit close to the nose." The doctor said we will see how Ella does with her glasses and go back in 3 months, and she is doing GREAT, but I am noticing the crossing even more so I'm guessing patching is in our near future with Ella. Then I'm sure I will feel your pain : )

Tiffany said...

Gotta love that beautiful smile!!We had to patch for a while and it sure wasn't fun. Glad it's getting better for you.

P.S. I love Mary's comment! ;)

Anonymous said...

I went through patching when I was seven and I can confirm that Cayman will definitely thank you for it when she grows up (even though she hates it now). Putting the eye patch on the glasses doesn’t ready work as the kid (or maybe just me) will just tilt his/her head to look through his/her good eye.