Niagara Falls Vacation: Donald's Birthday

Friday, August 13, 2010

It was Donald's birthday. And there's nothing that a completely grown man needs more than a 3 pound bag of Dum Dum suckers. Made fresh, straight from the factory. Mike pulled them off the line just a few days prior.

That evening we dined at Bob Evans, a favorite restaurant of mine. And it quickly became a favorite to the others as well that had never been there before.

The food was great!

And Lisa provided the entertainment by rapping for us to her very own written lyrics that she composed back in grade school to win herself the title of class president. I had no idea she was so dorky in person (lol). I am completely kidding. It was hilariously entertaining. It's a bit despairing I do not have it on video to share. I am pretty certain that all that was present for it will never forget it.

And now that Lisa is blushing, let's move onto Donald.

The Bob Evans waitresses sang the traditional "Happy Birthday" song to him. But there was a little twist in this presentation. Sneaky Mike had gone up to the waitress's station unnoticed to tell them we had a birthday among our group and his name is Donny. When Mike returned to our table he asked Donald, "What do you say to people when they call you Donny?"

Donald laughed and said, "I don't say anything because I do not answer to the name Donny."

Well, while everyone else in our group sang Donald, the waitresses were singing Donny.

The Donny is hard to hear in the video but here's the live action of it anyways...

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The Soldatke family said...

1st!!! I'm first!!!

Bob Evans is now in my top 10 of resturaunts to eat at...too bad that there is not one in the midwest!

Lisa said...

ha! I am a total dork and I completely embrace it :)

I am so glad that you did a good job of documenting 'Donny's' birthday, because I totally failed at it.

He is gonna love seeing this post when he gets home!

Loved Bob Evans. We managed to eat there another time or two during the rest of our trip. mmmm......

Tyler said...

Bob Evans was a lot of fun! That would have been pretty funny if you got Lisa's rap on video. It was pretty amusing!!


The Donald said...

OK, this is hands down the best post you have ever done in the history of your blog.

Thanks for the Dum Dums too! Who ever knew fresh suckers could taste better than old ones.

I wish we had a Bob Evans over here on the west coast. The prices are great and the food was too. Of course it could be that dining with such fine people had something to do with it too!

Tiffany said...

How fun!!! And how weird...we have tons of Bob Evans over here but we NEVER eat there? :)

Anonymous said...

Heh. Dorky 'like a fox'. I embrace Lisa-like dorkiness, too, but am not nearly so talented. I love reading about the get-together you all had!

David said...

lisa's a dork! that's funny :)

and i don't think that the bag of dum dums even lasted the rest of the week. ok maybe they did, but they are surely gone by now.