Myrtle Beach Vacation Part 7: Randomness

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Have you ever been shot 300 feet into the sky reaching a speed of 120 mph?

Not me! My feet happily stayed on the ground.

But for Grandma Sue it's about all she could talk of whenever the Human Slighshot was within sight. She just had to ride it.

"Safer than riding a carousel" the sign says. Funny. When Mark read that I believe his reaction was to roll his eyes, pay the admission, and off Sue bounded toward the ride with a school girl smile on her face. She had an accomplice to join her on this "safer than riding a carousel" adventure - Sam! If there was a third seat on the ride I am pretty certain Mike would have been right there too.

Grandma Sue and Aunt Sam awaiting to experience the 5 G's of take-off!

And there they go, becoming a distant silhouette in the sky!

A very big, BIG candy store! It smelled delicious!

Tight curly locks, ankles crossed...oh she's so cute!

On the pier.

Cayman's first photo taken with a palm tree!

Sitting around at the airport waiting to go home. Our flight was delayed.

Cayman fell asleep during take off. It was 10:00 p.m. She "napped" the whole two hour flight. We landed a few minutes after midnight. The hustle and bustle of exiting the plane and retrieving our luggage, woke her up. She stayed awake. Wide awake. It was 4 a.m. when we finally arrived back home. I crawled into bed - more like fell into bed - while Mike laid Cayman down in hers. She cried. She did not want to go to sleep.


No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. ~Elbert Hubbard

The End.

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Lisa said...

For a minute there I thought that was Mike sitting in the airport next to your family, but then I realized that I must be mistaken, because that guy was wearing an orange shirt.

(wink*wink) :)

Looks like it was the perfect vacation!

Joyce said...

I want to be just like Grandma Sue when I grow up!!! For now, my feet shall stay planted firmly on the ground too. Love the picture of you and Cayman on the Pier. Such a wonderful vacation full of priceless memories.

Anonymous said...

So I must ask....did grandma Sue and Aunt Sam enjoy the ride? You left that bit of detail out I think!

Kristen said...

Oh yes! They loved the ride!

Sarah M said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful vacation! The pictures are wonderful and it was really cool to hear about your adventures. I want to go to the sugar store!!!

Tyler said...

What a wonderful vacation with so many memories. I think I would of had to go with Grandma Sue and Sam, that just sounds fun!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Heather B said...

looks and sounds like a fabulous vacation. glad you guys were able to get away:)

Kendra said...

I've done the human slingshot!!! It's amazing. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!

I love the curls by the way.

Tiffany said...

I'm in awe of Grandma thank you for this girl!! Glad you had a great time on your vacation!!