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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I have enjoyed my break from the computer but have missed it just the same. My low energy level has me lacking in the ability to write a coherent post but I'm posting anyways because it has been a whole week since my last posting! That's a long time for me!

  • Cayman is doing amazing. She is really showing us how good she is feeling since this last shunt revision.
  • She has fully mastered crawling and has even picked up some speed with it. We no longer see her belly slither. When she cruises with speed on the hardwood floors, her hands and knees have this way of clopping against the floor rapidly creating all sorts of noise as she propels herself forward in this unbounded flurry of energy she has. You hear her coming before you see her. The entertainment level is high and I adore watching her move herself around so independently in such a natural way.
  • Growing a baby has taken all sorts of energy from me. I feel forced to nap everyday when Cayman sleeps or I suffer severe nausea later. Don't get me wrong, I love napping but I also saw that time as a chance to get a lot of stuff done while free of toddlerness. Sleeping through those free hours has resulted in one very messy house. I miss my house being clean and everything in order. But for now I just do what I have to do to get through each day. (A big thank you to my mother-in-law for cleaning my kitchen for me yesterday!)
  • I am married to a man that makes my life so beautiful. He has patiently cooked so many different meals for me, has done all the grocery shopping, and never complains when I wake him up in the night to rub my back when I am having trouble sleeping.
  • Cayman climbs now. She climbs onto the ottomans, the couch, the coffee table.
  • I am trying to ward of the frustration of having a house that needs so much work but little room in the budget for any of it right now.
  • My food cravings have died completely down and I honestly miss them. It was the only time when eating something actually tasted good. My taste buds have all gone bad it would seem as nothing tastes right anymore. The cravings were sort of an adventure to experience. I would wake up each day and think, "I wonder what it's going to be today."
  • I have my first O.B. appointment this upcoming week. I was supposed to have it a couple weeks ago. The day after we brought Cayman home from the hospital in fact but I was too tired to make the trip back to Ann Arbor for it so I rescheduled. I am really excited about the appointment! I anticipate some nervousness will creep in too as I return to the very office that holds so many memories of my pregnancy with Cayman. But I like that it reminds me of one of the greatest miracles I have ever gotten to experience - Cayman's life.
  • I am so excited that Mike has a 3 day weekend!
  • I have been dabbling at the idea of doing a complete blog makeover. I created a separate site for chronicling my pregnancy journey for this current baby but I know me, I do not manage more than one site well. I enjoy blogging much more if I can slap down my stuff in one spot.
  • This time of the year always has me feeling so blessed and lucky in life. I think everyone has experienced events in their life so significant and profound that shape their lives forever. This past Wednesday marked the 16th anniversary of one of those events in my life. June 30, 1994. It was the day I was severely injured in a car accident. I learned more about my God and myself through that single event in my life. He is still showing me new ways He uses it to teach me. I am a better mom to my baby girl because of it! Perhaps someday I will share more of that part of my life with you.

a safe and happy 4th of July!!

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Sue said...

I have missed you, but totally understand your tiredness....I remember that oh, so well. At least you can lay down and nap....if I layed made me sick, so I would rest sitting up...not comfy, but better than the....'other'!! Sounds like Cayman is doing glad!

Carey said...

You need your rest! The house can wait :) Even though I now KNOW how hard it is to rest when there is so much that can be accomplished in that short 1-2 hour span. Take care of yourself!

And I agree with Sue, I'm glad you are back! It's not the same start to my day without your daily (mostly) updates!

Josephine said...

I have been thinking about you this week, and figured that the fewer posts must mean that you were feeling pretty miserable physically. It is a testament to how much we love our children that we willingly go through pregnancy more than once! I hope that this most yucky part is almost over for you and you can catch some of that second trimester energy :)
Exciting news about Cayman's crawling prowess! What a star she is!

Tiffany said...

I am liking everything on this list except for the bad taste buds. Ugh, that's no fun!! I am excited for you to have your appointment and hopefully some peace!!

David said...

had a great 4th!! and you?

Kristen said...

Our 4th of July was hot, hot weather and lazy! It was a good day!