Pregnancy Craving

Monday, June 14, 2010

Your response to our big announcement was overwhelming to a good way! We thank you for rejoicing and praying with us over this baby.

I am not very far along. About 6 weeks. We had thought about not telling just yet for that reason but we could not keep the exciting news from our parents. And we knew it would be too much to ask of them to keep it a secret for more than a couple of days. So we concluded to just make the announcement before it leaked out some here and there.

I am glad we decided to tell of our news early though. So many people have told us that they have committed to pray for this baby and us as we embark on another pregnancy journey.

We are mixed with excitement and nervousness.

I am feeling great so far. The level of nausea I feel is so bearable to me. I was really sick with Cayman. I was pretty much confined to my bed, throwing up twenty-some times a day! I really hope it will not be like that for me again!

For now, my nausea can be satisfied by simply eating salsa.

I have consumed an unbelievable amount of homemade salsa in the last 4 weeks.




And night.

Apparently it is the main object of my pregnancy cravings. It was that way with Cayman and now for this baby too. In fact, my tomato driving desires is what tipped me off to buy a home pregnancy test this time around. I told Mike, "Either I'm pregnant or I am going to go on a diet!" I had been eating tomatoes like crazy for two weeks and my skinny jeans just were not fitting so well anymore.

So 'baby' and I have been endlessly enjoying our bowl fulls of homemade salsa.

Cayman does not understand how yummy it is. I try to share with her but she spits it out.

Mike, he understands how yummy it is. He has been enjoying the big batches of salsa I make too. He is so thoughtful to make certain that I have plenty before he dishes out his own.

And he always, ALWAYS makes sure I get the last serving from each batch.

I think he has remembered well from my pregnancy with Cayman the power of the hormones that can accompany a glaring eye when he once dished out the last of the salsa for himself.

He has not ever done that again! (lol)


Cayman sees the ear doctor.

But before that, she will also have another fast MRI performed, then she will see the Neurosurgeon. Her shunt is not any better. Poor kiddo.

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Molly said...

mmmm I love salsa!! I am SO psyched for you guys! I made a loud happy noise and then I had to explain your blog to my mother. lol.

Prayers for cayman's shunt and you and the baby!

Shannon said...

I'll second Molly: MMMMM, salsa!!! I seriously cheered out loud after reading your announcement post! (And I'm so excited about the other things taking off in your life too...just awesome!)
Please know that our family (the oldest three of our kiddos too) are praying for the baby, for you, for Mike, and for's amazing to me how, though we've never met in person, the Lord has blessed me with you, both as a sister in Christ and as a friend.
Rejoicing with you, and excited to see Cayman blossom into a BIG SISTER!!! :)

Joyce said...

That salsa looks totally delish!! I just can't imagine Mike taking the last spoonful:)

This is such wonderful news. Sarah was so excited when I read your post to her. She wanted to know if the new baby would be going to an Ohio State football game and I assured her the new baby would:) Hard to imagine our baby Buckeye graduated yesterday. Time sure does fly.

We will be praying for an uneventful, safe and wonderfully pleasant pregnancy.

The James Family said...

That's too funny - last night at our small group party someone made homemade salsa and we were all talking about how much we loved it when we were pregnant... must be a pregnancy thing! :) I'm glad things are going so well... and I'm glad you told everyone because I didn't want to keep it a secret either :) it's hard to be so happy for someone and not be able to "talk" about it :)... it's so exciting and we all want to be in prayer for you guys!! I love you so much Kris - you deserve God's very best in everything!! I miss you tons!

Jessica and Kevin said...

I will be praying for you and the baby and the rest of the family every chance I get!

Sue said...

I also love salsa, but can't imagine eating it to survive through nausea....hey, but whatever works. It was always spicy foods for me....always made me sick, but.....had to have it. Hope all goes well tomorrow with Cayman...will be thinking of you....and also still rejoicing with you too!!

Lisa said...

Ahhh....the joys of pregnancy....cravings and all :)

With Elisabeth I craved frozen green beans. I ate (on average) 2 pounds of them a day!!!! I seriously could not get enough of them! ha!

Good luck with Cayman's appts tomorrow!!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations!. I hope tomorrow goes well.

Bree said...

CONGRATS on your pregnancy!! I'm so excited for your family to have a new bundle of joy! I will continue to pray for your family and throughout your pregnancy!

Angela said...

<3 Squee! Ohhh, does this mean we get to go shopping for some pregnancy clothes? :D

Uncle Ty Ty said...


Anonymous said...

That is too funny... when pg w/ my first child, tomatoes were my one huge craving - for months and months! I would go out into the garden w/ a salt shaker, turn on the hose for rinsing them, and just sit there and eat gobs of cherry, beefstake, pear, etc. tomatoes..... couldn't get enough. Blessings to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful your body and baby are choosing salsa! Healthy! Hmmm, might we interpret the baby's personality from that?

Very happy for your whole family!


Tiffany said...

Yeah for pregnancy cravings!!! So so happy for you guys!

David said...

kristen or mike, i need to ask you about last night's reds game. you posted about the reds game you went to so i figure you're a little up to speed on them.

anyways, i was watching the dodgers/reds last night (dodgers trounced them, demolished them!! haha!!) but there were NO fans there. Literally. I mean, literally the stadium was almost empty. Is there something going on near there that kept people away from the game? I was just curious because you never see stadiums empty, even for bad teams, and youres is in 1st place! i'm confused. Thanks!

The Soldatke family said...

In your honor, I made a huge bath of salsa the other day. While I am not eating it at the rate you are, it sure tastes good!

I am so excited for this baby and I agree with my friend Jaime...Nebraska is a wonderful place to have a baby :) You would get the VIP treatment!

David said...

ok never mind my last comment, i think i just found the answer. there was a 2 hour rain delay, and with such a blowout, and miserable weather, and work and school in the morning, people probably said, forget this! lol