A Little Carnival

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I think you would agree, I am overdue for a good Cayman post.

So here are some pictures and even a video of a mini carnival we attended last week.

Cayman rode her first pony. She did not like it, as you can see from the look on her face!

She was so traumatized by her live-pony riding experience, she refused to even sit on a carousel pony. So Daddy and her enjoyed the rounds from the seated bench position.

One thing for sure Cayman liked was the Berry-Go-Round ride. Our stuffed berry was filled by Mike, Cayman, me, CeCe, Sam, and Sidney. Obviously, I rode this before my real nausea kicked in. I would not be able to do that now. But it was tolerable and fun then and I'm glad I got to experience it on Cayman's first time.

8 Showin' Comment Love:

Nichole said...

Cute glasses ;-)

Anna said...

Love Cayman in her tiny glasses! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I feel bad laughing at her reaction to the pony, but that was the exact reaction Miles had. He was terrified and kept yelling, "no, no, no, no!"
LOVE her glasses!

Hannon! said...

Oh man! I'm not even pregnant but those spinning cars make me nauseous!
Cayman looks adorable in her glasses!

What a cutie!

Tiffany said...

So cute and LOVE her glasses!!!

Tyler said...

First of all, love the glasses!!

Second, she has the cutest pouty face I have ever seen.

And last, glad she loved the berry ride. I was getting dizzy just watching you guys.

Diane, Tyler's mom

David said...

looks like fun!

Amy Flege said...

Mayson watched this over and over going "weeeeee"! super cute!