Baby Ty, Cayman's New Cousin

Friday, June 11, 2010

A little over a month ago...

We excitedly embraced the new addition on Mike's side of the family.

Our nephew

Baby Ty

Born May 5, 2010 to Cayman's Uncle Mark and Aunt Cara.

Cayman has yet to feel the same kind of excitement we do over baby Ty.
She cried when she had to sit near him.

Perhaps she's jealous of the attention he's receiving.


Perhaps she's freaked out that the "baby doll" moves and makes noises.

I'm not really sure.

In picture form, she smiles and points at the baby. But in person she would much rather keep baby Ty at a distance.

She's a funny girl, that Cayman is.

10 Showin' Comment Love:

Molly said...

ooo look at those photos, he is so smooshy!

*Monica said...

There is nothing as appealing as a new baby!! He is beautiful.

Poor Cayman, she will love him eventually.

Grandma S said...

We have another cutie. Grandma needs a bigger lap to hold all of her babies!

Lisa said...

ADORABLE!!! He looks so snuggable. Is that a word? Snuggable? Oh works :)

Sorry that yesterdays MRI did not give you more solid news one way or the other. just not knowing must be SO hard.

Take care!!!

David said...

lisa always beats me to blogs.

The Soldatke family said...

So cute!! Cayman is such a funny girl!

Krissy said...

Incredible, Kristen!

Gabriella said...

How funny! My son was curious about my niece, who really is as tiny as a doll, when she moved and made sounds. He wanted to cuddle with her the way he does his teddy bear! So sweet to see things through their eyes!

Tyler said...

Awww, poor Cayman. Tyler's the same way around babies.

Baby Ty is such a little cutie and LOVE the name :-)

Diane, Tyler's mom

Tiffany said...

Oh that naked baby goodness!!!