Watching the Waistline

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

*Posted at 8:00 a.m.*

About 15 minutes after I posted the below update, little Cayman had a massive poo! I mean a real catastrophic failure of diaper function to hold it all!

Oh how wonderful that is!

And then shortly after she laid right back and drank an ounce of her bottle!

Ah, what a relief!

If she keeps this up we'll be heading out those hospital doors real soon.

Feeling hopeful.

*Posted at 7:19 a.m.*

This is going to be a short update with a short explanation of things because the wiggly Cayman is sitting on my lap right now while I type this one-handed.

Yesterday evening they started measuring Cayman's abdomen and keeping a record of it over the hours.

The size of it was much too large for the skinny little thing that she typically is.

It's a little smaller today so that's encouraging but not enough to leave us feeling unconcerned.

She's refusing to take liquids orally but is thoroughly enjoying the Go-Gurts.

A belly ultrasound has been ordered and hopefully can reveal clear answers to what is going on inside her abdomen. Hopefully it's just a lot of poo and gas.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the ultrasound shows all is okay.

Katie said...

I have prayed, will pray, and will NEVER give up. I love you guys....all the way down here from Pooler, Ga :)

AWESOME photo missy :)

Angela said...

I don't think I've ever been happy to read about poop before in my life. This is a first for me. But hooray for this hopefully meaning you can head home soon :D

Gabriella said...


Katie said...

I've been a silent follower of your blog for several months. As a nurse, I've celebrated the arrival of poop on many occasions, and today I'm praising the Lord for it again. Thanks for sharing your sweet Cayman. It's awesome to read about real life miracles.

Tyler said...

Way to go Cayman. I hope you guys will be wheeling her out of the hospital in that wagon real soon.

Diane, Tyler's mom

randy said...

Not too many times when blow-outs are a good thing. Glad that one was!

I feel very privileged to have met met you and Cayman yesterday. It was good to see Mike again. Thanks for hosting me in your little corner of Mott.

Anonymous said...

Probably the only time in your life you will happy about a blow-out!! :)
YAY, Poo!!

TeamMcDonough said...

Funny how poo can be a good thing :) Hope you get to be in the comfort of your home soon ♥

The Soldatke family said...

Go Cayman Go!! And yay for poo!