Deleted Post

Friday, May 14, 2010

If you saw my post briefly today then I would guess you might be wondering where it went.

I decided to unpublish it until I can get the video glitches worked out.

There was just too many errors in it for my liking.

Stay tuned...

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The Soldatke family said...

Okay...just watched the whole post on my google reader, came here to post a comment and it's GONE...the video looked amazing...especially loved her going home outfit :)... what a chronicle of her stay.. and another beautiful post Kristen.

So did you go to trader joes and thank them? is that what the picture was?

Can't wait to watch it again!

Lisa said...


And I can't believe that I missed the post. Usually I catch them before you pull them 'off the air'!

Tyler said...

How dare you tease us ;)

Diane, Tyler's mom

Dawn said...

I did see your post when it was up before and I was very touched. I found your blog through Elastimom, and also have a special needs daughter, although we have yet to get a diagnosis for her many delays. God's blessings to your family :)

The Vigue Family said...

I also saw the post earlier today, your heartfelt words of gratitude are a constant reminder of what a gift it is to be a parent, and a reminder to cherish each day....timeouts and all! What an amazing video, a perfect mirror of your journal.

Anonymous said...

I loved it! What a journey!
I only noticed 2 glitches.
Loved your song selections, too :)