Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We returned to the Audiologist's office yesterday.

A clinic hearing test and a tympanogram were conducted.

The results suggest there to be a problem.


Nothing we feel great concern over.

But definitely worth checking into further.

Clearly, Cayman can hear. That is evident. But it seems her hearing might not be as sharp as it should be.

So over the next following month she will have more appointments. One with an ENT (Ears Nose and Throat) doctor. He will diagnosis or scratch off any middle ear problems. Then after that, an ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) hearing test which will be performed under sedation.

The beautiful thing about keeping all of Cayman's medical care (minus pediatrician) at U of M, about a two hour drive away for us, is their ability in coordinating procedures. So while Cayman has her routine CT scan of her head, which will be under sedation, they can also perform the ABR test at that corresponding time.

Two tests. One time sedated.

Sounds good to us.

I bought Cayman a toy Doctor kit.

Over the next few weeks we'll be playing with it a lot in preparation for these upcoming ear appointments. Specifically with the toy otoscope.

I will let her "look" into my ears and I then will "look" into hers.

Practice is the goal in teaching her that it's safe.

That way (hopefully) she won't fight the ear doctors like she did yesterday. She was not a happy camper. If you aren't touching her ears for the pure purpose of massaging them, then she holds a strict 'no touch' policy.

A little of my heart breaks when we have to hold her down yet another part rejoices that my little girl has spunk!

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Grandma S said...

Sweet Baby!

Beth said...

YAY for the spunk, but boo for having to go through it all!!!

Will be praying for you all!!!

Tiffany said...

The first thing I thought was "Ugh, more appointments for you all!" I'm glad you can see the silver lining in having all of her care at U of M. I'm sure glad you both have spunk and it makes my heart happy that Mike goes with you!

Lisa said...

What a brilliant idea to purchase a toy doctor kit! I am sure that will help put Cayman at ease when it's time for the 'real thing'!

You are such a smart mamma!

The Henrys said...

Practicing at home with a doctor kit was key to having better appointments with my daughter.

I understand the last line, about the spunk. I'm glad my Gracie has it, but sometimes it makes it harder.

Good luck with everything.

Sara said...

I wish she didn't have to go through all of that. Kadyn didn't need too. Although he failed all the newborn texting they did for his hearing he passed the extensive one. At least you know that she CAN hear. She is such a sweet girl! :)

Tyler said...

Good thinking with the doctor kit. I hope she does much better at the next appointment.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Hannon! said...

Oh Kristen - we have a no touch ear policy in our household too! Audrey has some serious, major problems with the doctors looking into her ears. Hopefully, the ABR won't show anything more than mild loss. But, if Cayman should need to wear hearing aids, we suggest Phonak - we are very pleased with our's.

I may have to buy one of those toy doctor kits - that's brilliant!! Maybe it would help Audrey adjust to the almost weekly ear checks she's been having!

Josephine said...

Ah yes, the heartbreak of making them do things they don't want to do!! We had that yesterday when they wouldn't let me go into the MRI machine with Avery....they had to pry her hands off me, and I thought she would never forgive me :(
Good luck with all the testing! That's nice that they can coordinate and get two things done with one sedation :)

Jennifer said...

Praying for you! Savannah has a great fear of anything procedural. She can handle plain, boring dr visits just fine, but pull out any sort of instrument and she goes wild.
My heart aches for/with you!!!

Carla said...

what a great idea to let her play with a toy otoscope she she gets over her ear fear. What a great mommy you are. And yes, 3 cheers for spunk!