Birthday Presents

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Later in the evening, after the table was cleared from supper and the cake was eaten, Cayman opened her presents.

It was a blast watching her tear at the paper. I wonder if she remembers opening presents at Christmas because she sure acted like this was something familiar.

Something was different than it was at Christmas though. This time Cayman was interested in the package not just the wrapping paper. She sure is growing up.

This present is a baby pool that has a special little feature...sprayers . You hook it up to the garden hose and by turning up the pressure of the hose, the fountain height of the sprayers can be increased (or decreased).

Another present we got Cayman was several packages of sidewalk chalk, varying in color and size. Plus, a package of friendly looking bugs and butterfly stencils.
Dare I say the stencils were more for me? :)


The day after her birthday, it was perfect for a sidewalk chalking day!!

See, I told ya they were for me.

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Anonymous said...

Great Presents! I really like the sidewalk stencils!

Cayman's Daddy said...

She makes me want to get her more presents... How about Saturday?

Lindsey said...

Those stencils will be SO perfect for her fine-motor development!! I love offering stencils/tracing activities even to Junior High students- they're suitable for many ages. Mothers, included!! :)

Also noted how Cayman & her dad matched in their red jackets. So sweet! She really is becoming a big little girl...

Tyler said...

Cayman cracks me up. I love hearing her laugh and her head shakes/dance are just too cute. I love the high five and knuckles too. She is going to love that pool when it warms up.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Anonymous said...

Her unwrapping skill is good!


Sherri said...

HAPPY (very belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!!
She looks soooo cute sitting there opening presents. I just LOVE how she is staring at the the photo of the people in the pool, like "hmmmm...what are those people doing? They are taking a bath outside?!?! That looks great!!"

Beth said...

Great presents!! I love the stencils!!! Where did you find them?

Grandma S said...

How cute! I also noticed how much more interest Cayman showed in the presents since Christmas. Day to day we don't really notice her changing, but when we see something like this, it's easy to see how much she is growing and learning. But one thing always stays the same--she's just adorable. I'd better start wrapping!

Kristen said...


I bought the stencils through the company "One Step Ahead". They have some really unique toys for all ages. The pool came from there too.

Lisa said...

Hey! I love your blonde highlights!

As for the presents....I am lovin' that little pool! I think it would be the perfect thing for Elisabeth too. Would you mind sharing with me where you got it?

Lisa said... soon as I published my comment I saw the comment from you saying where the pool was from :)

The James Family said...

Cayman is getting to be such a big girl!! Great presents!! Looks like a lot of fun!! :)

The Soldatke family said...

LOVED that video!! the head shake, the laugh, the knuckles, the high fives, the "touchdown", the clapping!! EVERYTHING is so stinkin cute!!

Love that little girl and can't wait to see her again!

Hannon! said...

Looks like a lot of fun! That pool is awesome!! Audrey's 2nd is coming up and that may be a contender in the Mommy/Daddy gift category!!

I love the weekly birthday Posts... everyone deserves a birthday week and especially a little Princess like Cayman

My name is Sarah said...

So much fun for everyone:)