A Birthday Party for Cayman

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cayman's birthday party on Saturday did not quite go as planned.

Earlier in the week, Cayman had been unusually crabby, so as a precaution I took her to the doctor to get her checked out.

The day of her appointment, Cayman seemed to be feeling a lot better. She no longer had a fever and she sat on my knee giggly while playing peek-a-boo with the doctor. The Pediatrician looked her over and gave Cayman a clean bill of health.

I went home with a peace of mind.

But the night before her party, Cayman woke up crying several times. She was running a low grade temp again (nothing higher than 100.6). With lots of cuddling and some Tylenol, we were able to get her back to sleep.

Saturday morning, the day of her party, came and our tired bodies rolled out of bed. Cayman woke up with a smile on her face and our exhaustion just melted away!

The little princess got dressed in her party clothes and was ready to greet all her guests. Our immediate families on both sides joined us.

Just a few minutes before lunch was served, Cayman began to seize. Her temperature had climbed to 103.8. We spent the next little while working on getting her temperature down and then the little birthday princess took a four hour nap.

While Cayman slept peacefully in her quiet room, we ate lunch, watched the Buckeye's win their Basketball game, and the other kids played games.

Cayman's Aunt Sam (Mike's sister) could not join us for the party because she was busy playing in the band at the Buckeye game. But we got to see her on TV.

Sidney and Madison playing Twister.

I put my mom in charge of the decorations. She came up with this fun idea of growing our own grass and bringing Spring inside. It was sensational!!

I was indecisive on what kind of cake to order. So I called in Mike for help and I think he did a fantastic job ordering Cayman's cake. He chose a cupcake-cake, made up of half white and half chocolate, with a Cayman Island scenery.

When the little party girl finally woke up, her fever was down and she was feeling better, clapping and smiling. The festivities could finally begin!

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."

She wasn't feeling all better though. She had a few melt down moments. Turns out, her two year molars decided to show up for her party too.

But Cayman's ouchie teething did not stop her from enjoying her cake and presents.

What a little trooper.

Cayman got a turtle sandbox.
And since it was way too rainy and cold outside to play, I set it up in her room with her 200 balls she got for Christmas.

And That Completes All The Birthday Celebration Posts

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Cayman was so very sick on her birthday party day, hope she is back to herself now

Cayman's Daddy said...

Getting teeth is the pits... It's cool how much she still enjoyed the party even though not feeling great.

Grandma S said...

I'm so glad you got pictures of Cayman in her frilly birthday dress and headband. She looked so cute and her curls were just adorable. However, she felt so much better in her jeans and t-shirt. I guess she's not a girly-girl yet. That will come though...you'd better get those credit cards ready for when she's ready to shop.

Josephine said...

I'm glad that Cayman was able to enjoy her party even though she wasn't feeling good...I'm sure it helped her feel much better! I hope she is all better now. And she looked adorable!!!

Tyler said...

What a trooper. Glad she got to enjoy at least a little bit of her party. When I first saw the pictures of her in her dress. I was thinking, this girl knows how to dress for a party. Very cute!! But it did look like she was much more comfortable in her 'Birthday Girl' shirt, which was also cute. Thanks for sharing all the birthday posts - I loved them all. And I hope those molars don't cause to many more problems.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Sara said...

I'm so glad she felt better. :) I have something for the Birthday princess. I just haven't had time to go to the post office! Although, I don't have your address either! When you get the chance if you could email it to me :)

Happy sweet birthday to the sweetest little girl!

Anonymous said...

What a day!! I love the picture of her from above...she looks heavenly. And the party outfit...and the girls in their hats...beautiful!!! I hope she is feeling better now.

Lisa said...

First of all, the grass with the tulips on the mantle is spectacular! Hopefully it all keeps beautiful for Easter.

Second, the turtle sandbox is the perfect place for all of her balls! So much better than sand (which always gets spread throughout the house and stuck in hair. We had a sandbox once and I quickly put an end to it. Aren't I a mean mama??)

Third, Cayman's birthday dress is gorgeous. Will it double as her Easter dress?

Fourth, what instrument does Mike's sister play? I can't see it in the photo.

Fifth, I am so sad to hear that Cayman was under the weather for her party. I actually thought about you all off and on throughout the day and was wondering how the party was going. A sick little Cayman was not part of what I envisioned though..... :(

But all in all it looks like the day was a success. Hooray!

Kristen said...


The grass is growing like a weed (lol). I'm going to have to mow it soon. :)

If I remember correctly, I think Grandma Sue said she got Cayman an Easter dress. But if I'm wrong, no worries because this dress will suffice too.

Mike's sister plays percussion. That's probably where Cayman gets her love for banging on everything as if it's a drum.

Gretchen said...

These are awesome pics, I love the one with Cayman "praying." You are a great photographer! She's just a doll, you should be very, very proud.

Gabriella said...

Your blog posts are always so vivid and bright! I love the colors you introduce with fabrics of clothing and home decor and toys, etc. It makes me want to join your family just so I can enjoy your home and crafts!

On another note, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cayman in the photos with her birthday dress. You are talented with that camera! (I've stopped taking pics b/c they turn out so awful!)

Too bad she was not well on her day. My little guy also woke up sick on his second birthday. I blamed it on the molars until his nose started leaking... LOL

Thanks so much for sharing!

Ann S said...

Little Miss Cayman has the cutest clothes! God Bless Her on her second birthday!

Aunt Sam said...

haha...i love the pic of me on tv!! I was there in spirit!! Cayman looked adorable!! :)

Lisa, I play the snare drum....it's kinda hidden behind all the people standing up.

Kristen said...


No picture is ever terrible, especially when it captures a precious moment! Please don't ever stop taking pictures. You'll never regret having them!

Hannon! said...

Poor girl! Those molars are torture. She looks like she enjoyed the attention despite all the pain. And, oh that downward shot of her with her hands together is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!!

linzypooh49 said...

Glad she still enjoyed her party after a rough go! And that it was nothing serious! Love your moms decorations! What kind of vessel sis she use? How long did it take to grow? It is soooo cute!

bridget said...

I just caught up on several posts that I had missed and wanted to say that the videos you posted were absolutely priceless. Thanks for sharing them. Please wish Cayman a happy belated birthday from me and I hope she's feeling much better. Looks like she got some good presents and is all set for a fashionable spring. Can't wait for the pictures!

Kristen said...


I'm not really sure what to call the vessels that the grass was planted in...maybe plantar trays. They were just a package of simple, clear plastic trays that potted plants would sit in to catch the excess water and moisture. Their simple, low profile worked perfectly for their repurposed job. My mom bought a bag of fast germination grass seed and we planted it just one week before the party and the grass grew to that length! It was pretty awesome to watch!

Sherri said...

Sorry the party wasn't as planned. What an awesome little girl you have. She took a nap and voila! Ready to go again :) Looks like it was a wonderful party even with a not so lovely seizure in the middle of it! Love the decorations!! :)