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Friday, November 20, 2009

My fellow blogging friend, Tiffany tagged me as a Theta Mom, which is defined as a True Authentic Mom.

My assignment now is to write about 5 experiences that have shaped me as a true, genuine Mom. The rules are to keep it real and then tag 5 other mom's with this honorable recognition.

So, what makes me an Authentic Mom? Gosh, I just don't know. I still feel so new to this world of motherhood. I sat down this morning to write. And I sat. And I stared. So I got up and carried on with the day's usual activities while still thinking about what makes me a creditable Mom.

After almost a day's worth of racking my brain, here is my response:

#1. Authentic Moms love being Moms.
I have noticed that I smile, a lot, every single day. Mike does too. I asked him, "What did we ever smile about before Cayman was born?" I try to think back to our life before she was here and it's hard to believe there are memories without her existence. It throws my mind through a whirlwind trying to comprehend that. Cayman's life has sweetened our days and it feels so natural to have her with us. I am grateful for Cayman's life.

#2. Authentic Moms want the best for their children.
For Cayman, there are times, I have googled and researched til my fingers and mind were raw. Daily, I am on my knees praying for my little girl. Even long before Cayman's conception, I prayed for my future children that I dreampt of being blessed with. I have found myself at the throne of God more regularly though, since Cayman's diagnosis. I am grateful for the experiences in life that open my eyes to the need for my Heavenly Father. I want the best for Cayman. I will never give up fighting for her quality of life. When she was a month old we drove nearly 700 miles to Duke University for her to receive a Cord Blood, Stem Cell therapy. Quarterly a year, since Cayman was 1 1/2 months old, we have taken her to the Naturopathic Doctor where he monitors her cell deficiencies and recommends several remedies to get her body working at its top best. Biweekly I take her to therapists that focus on strengthening Cayman's gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and speech. Much of what is apart of Cayman's care is not covered by insurance. Careful budgeting and financial sacrifices are made so that Cayman can continue to receive the very modalities that I credit to her development. Seeing her healthy and thriving is the best reward, more than what I could get from an updated wardrobe or a renovated kitchen.

#3. Authentic Moms feel tired.
Cayman is typically, an easy going, happy girl. I have written in the past about how rarely she cries and we celebrated it as a milestone when she finally found her "voice". While I will never stop being grateful for that little mind full of thoughts and opinions, I do grow weary on the days when the only thing keeping her happy is when I'm holding her and constantly giving her undivided attention. Those are my 'almost' days.

The kitchen is almost cleaned.

Supper is almost a complete meal.

My book I'm reading is almost finished.

By the end of the day I am feeling tired and overwhelmed. I know I could and should let Cayman crab for a little while before I jump at her every demand...but the truth is I soak it up that my baby wants me, even though I realize she is on the verge of becoming very, very spoiled. I am getting better at finding that right balance though. But after a whole day of uncompleted to-do lists and very fried Mommy-nerves, I have to remember to speak kindly to Mike and not snap at his every question. Then my forgiving and darling husband, takes Cayman into her room where they sit and play for awhile, and give me some quiet, down time.

#4. Authentic Moms have gray hair.
I'm not even 30 years old yet and I have gray hairs popping out. Gray or white hair is suppose to represent age and wisdom, right? So does this mean I'm aging young, or does it mean I'm wise for my young age? Hmmm...I'll have to ponder that one for awhile. I am grateful for my hairdresser, Jessie.

#5. Authentic Moms wear macaroni necklaces with their Sunday best.
I haven't personally experienced this one, yet. But I throw it in there because it is high in my book of a loving, humble way a mother can show her child they are important.

Somewhere around the age of 7, I made a macaroni necklace in Sunday School for a Mother's Day gift. I proudly presented it to my Mom after the church service was over. She oohed and ahhed at my gift as she slipped it over her head, and the dried pasta clanked together, settling around her neck. But it was when she took the macaroni necklace out of her jewelry box and put it on to wear the next following Sunday, was the moment my heart truly soared. I am grateful for my own Authentic Mom.


So now I am suppose to pass this along to 5 other blogging moms. Normally, I do not like this part. I never want anyone to feel left out if I don't pick them, or if I do pick someone I never want them to feel obligated and pressured to complete it if they don't want to. But I'm going to run that risk because being forced to sit down and think about the acts that make an Authentic Mom and how I compare to that, while at first it seems like bragging about myself, actually turns out, it brought me to a greater understanding of what it takes to be an Authentic Mom.

So here's the 5 Moms I tag for this assignment:
  • Lisa.
    I feel like you're always on my "tagged to pick" list, and I hope you don't mind. I just love your thoughts and writings. I always grow from the things you have to say.
  • Jill.
    You are a true Authentic Mom. Your strength inspires me daily. I know you're still at the hospital with Matthew, and perhaps being tagged will give you something new to do, but if it doesn't seem enjoyable, then don't worry about it. I know how difficult it can be trying to find words when you're in the middle of an exhausting situation. We're still praying for Matthew everyday!
  • Amy J.
    Your stories and pictures of your children could win awards.
  • Sara.
    You certainly know the depth of struggles of fighting for Kadyn's life and health. Yet you are full of joy being his mother. I would love to hear your thoughts on how Kadyn has helped shape you as an Authentic Mom.
  • Ann.
    I am always so touched by the way you adore your two little boys. I think it's a true gift when mom's like you cherish each moment and don't take it for granted.

    Cayman quietly playing in her room.

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Sue said...

What an absolutly beautiful blog today....you are a very special mom!

Beth said...

Very nice post!!!! And cute picture!

The James Family said...


Lisa said...

This was so fun to read. You definitely set a great example to mothers everywhere.

Thanks for the tag!

;o) Charlie's mom said...

Thanks Sunshine for your compliment (and for the necklace)! Love You SO MUCH!!! XOXO

David said...

haha lisa you got tagged!

Amy J. said...

To be tagged on a post like this is an honor...thank you so much! This will be my very next post!

I love your sincere words and thoughts...gray hair definetely = wisdom!

Theta Mom said...

I can't tell you how amazing this tag has been for me! It's giving me the opportunity to meet AWESOME bloggers like yourself. That list rocked!!! You nailed it girl! You are such a THETA MOM! We do love being moms and want the best for our children...and those macaroni necklaces, so true! Thank you so much for playing along and I'm so glad I found your blog! ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Kristen!! You are such a wonderful mother and a beautiful person!!