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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cayman's diagnosis was discovered when I was just 20 weeks pregnant. The advantage of knowing early on that our child would have developmental delays allowed us time for planning.

One of the ways we planned was in buying this stroller carseat system:
We knew things like head control and sitting up would be a challenge for Cayman. The stroller carseat combo would make our outings more practical and the system would be able to accommodate Cayman as she grows.

For example, when grocery shopping, where do you put a one year old when they can't sit up? Not in the shopping cart. The best solution we decided on was to invest in a stroller carseat system.

I cannot imagine our outings without it.

It has made the long treks across U of M hospital, trips to the grocery store, or other errands easier.

This past February we tried something different. We put Cayman in the seat of a shopping cart for a test run.

It did not go well. I used my fluffy winter coat and blankets for padding and support but it was still not enough to keep Cayman out of a slouch position. She could tolerate it only for a few minutes before she began to fuss.

During those few minutes though, Mike and I had fun pushing Cayman around and snapping pictures.

Four and half months later, we got to have that fun again!!

We have discovered that not every shopping cart is suitable for Cayman though. The back rest and lap belt have to be just right in order to provide the support that she can't completely do for herself yet. So we still get great use out of the carseat stroller system but I immensely look forward to when Cayman can sit up in every shopping cart. That will make outings even better!
In this photo, I think it looks like Cayman is doing the Little Rascal's High sign.

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Grandma S said...

Just wait until she realizes that all of those shelves hold yummy food, and she wants it all. Mommy and Daddy won't be able to resist buying her everything she wants.

Kristen said...

Grandma Sue,

Too funny that you say that...because that is tomorrow's post. :-)

Tyler said...

Oh my gosh...she is so big. I can't believe you posted that because this weekend we tried Tyler sitting in the shopping cart for the first time. It was like your first post 4 1/2 months ago. It didn't go so well.
I just can't believe how big and strong she is getting. Great job Cayman!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Lisa said...

Wow!!! She just looks more grown up every day! And I love the last picture because the banner of flags behind her makes the ocassion look so festive.

She looks like she is sitting up very well. Lots of strength. We have started putting Lizzy into carts too....but she is much more slouched. She doesn't really keep her head up. So id I am alone and need cart space, I put her in the cart....but if I am with Donald we usually push her in her stoller so that she is more comfortable.

Can't wait for tomorrow's post.

Lisa said...

'if', not 'id'.


The Soldatke family said...

Look how wonderful she is sitting up!! I wonder how we will transposrt Matthew after he outgrows the wonderful carseat (that we bought because of you!!)we have. He still has almost 10 pounds, but inches wise, I believe we are getting closer!! It makes life SOOOO much easier when you can put them in a cart! Now you just need a shopping cart cover (I should send you mind...we're not going to use it for a LONGGG time) with all kinds of fun toys attached!

Tsquared417 said...

I am working on an invention for this...for real...some sort of a stroller type thing that will latch on to the cart. Olivia is WAY too big for the cart seat and if I put her in the big part, then I have no place to put groceries. And she can't walk through the whole store....I'm working on it!! You'll be the first to know!! If you have any input, let me know. I'm seriously working on it!!

ABandCsMom said...

I can't believe how big she is getting. You can really tell seeing her sit in a shopping cart.

Stephanie said...

Cayman looks wonderful!

Beth said...

Is she not just the cutest little thing!!!! And I cannot believe how big she is!!!! I remember checking your blog every day before she was born!!!! I feel like i "know" her!!!!! I love how well she is doing - and you should feel so proud because it is because of you and Mike!! What a great gift Cayman has in parents like you!

My name is Sarah said...

Wow Cayman, look at you sitting up so big in that cart. You look adorable.

Sara said...

She is too cute! I wish Kadyn still fit in his rear facing carseat..he is too heavy now. I guess I'll have to post my grocery store experiences soon with Kadyn!!!

Sarah M said...

I am just so blessed by the amazing progress Cayman has and is making!!!! God is so good and has answered so many prayers and she truly is a miracle in so many ways. What a beautiful and big girl she is now!

Katie said...

WHAT a sweetie. Don't give up hope. She will be sitting up in those carts soon enough.

Sherri said...

Life just got SO much easier :) Way to go, Cayman!