Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Piano at my Parents' House

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Ann said...


We made it to Alaska with almost no problems. I'll post about it later. I'm so glad to be here and we can't wait for daddy to get here on Saturday!


Tyler said...

This picture and the pictures at the park are amazing. You are an excellant photographer. Did you ever take photography classes? The pictures are great!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Kristen said...


I've never taken a photography class. Just something fun I like to do.

Lisa said...

Great idea for a photo. I'll have to copy the idea and do one of Elisabeth's hand on our piano :)

Katie said...

AMAZING picture!!

Great job with the photography!

I agree with Lisa...I will have to copy the idea with my Mom's piano!

Lindsey said...

Such sweet little fingers!!

Grandma Cindy said...

I love to watch Cayman's hands and how, at times, you can see her personality shining through them in how and what she is doing. It's like her hands allow you to see another dimension of her. She is truly amazing!