Restoring Walls

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

{I know I said I was going to post all house updates on my other blog. But that blog has fallen to the wayside. I find it easier to manage one site, not two. I don't like deciding which blog to post on. So I've been considering combining my blogs.}

The steps to renewing our walls:

Step 1:
Strip Wallpaper (that contained several steps in itself)Step 2: Sponge clean walls and wood trim.

Step 3: Fix and fill in all gaps and cracks in the wall. (Wall cracks were filled in using drywall mud. Gaps between wood trim and wall or fireplace brick and wall was filled in with a paintable cauking.)
Step 4: Apply dry wall mud texture. (We called in the best drywaller around, my dad. His work is nothing short of perfection. The idea of the texture is to conceal any flaws the aged walls contain. The plan worked because the walls are now flawless.)Step 5: Prime the walls.Step 6: Paint the ceiling.

Step 7: Paint the wood trim.
What a difference a coat of paint can do.

You know how I mentioned my dad is a perfectionist? Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I painted all the base board trim at eye level. No painters tape for me...not-huh. All I need is a steady hand and a concentrated traits inherited from my dad.

Step 8: Paint the walls.The new wall color is beautiful. It's light, subtle, and airy. When I look at just the color I am completely happy. However, when I step back and view the whole ensemble of the room, it is not at all how I envisioned this space or what I thought the color would be when we picked it out from the paint chip. Mike suggested I give it a week before I set my mind on changing it. That's been easy to do, since I have been too busy organizing and getting ready for our garage sale, to dig into another painting project. But I can say, as the week bears on, the more certain I become that I will be painting the walls again. Hold back those empathic groans though, because I am actually looking forward to it. Painting the walls is the most fun part of this whole renovation for me. When I can decorate I am in my most favorable environment.

Here's a shot of the before.
Of course, it would be frivolous of me to post without a picture of Cayman. So here she is. She was a big help to me while I was busy painting. She contently played and fed herself. This was her favorite eating position. I propped her up on a pillow within my eyesight, but safely away from the paint fumes. She tapped the buttons with her feet, providing some dinner music for her. What a perfect little girl she is!

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Cayman's Daddy said...

Very fun blog today! And make sure to get the color right this time!!!

Katie said...


I think the transition is GREAT!

I understand about paint. Each room in our home is a different color. NO JOKE!

You are a much more patient painter than I. We taped EVERYTHING...and then painted the house...then took off the tape. I was pregnant with Eli and had no patience and the hormones were...lets just say the entire house was painted in 4 days.

Great job!!!

Kristen said...

"Cayman's Daddy", must I remind you that you were the one who picked out this color. :-)

Angela said...

I love the color...or rather the feel of it since I can't see it up close :) Maybe you'd like the feel better with some curtains that were a saturated color or had a nice print to them to help break it up. I swear though...paint colors can be so hard. Even a simple beige can have too much red or green in it.

The Soldatke family said...

Wow, I like it! It looks great to me...What color are your curtains going to be???? I can't imagine repainting. But then again, as we've said, I hate painting. It looks great though. Are you glad to be rid of some more green??

The Bontragers said...

We talked about the whole wallpaper/painting thing a little while ago and I have to say... the paper is still on my walls. Not because I don't know how to take it down, but because I can't decide on the "perfect" wall color for WHEN it's down :) Like you, I'll paint a room until it "feels" exactly right when I walk into it (and like you - painting is the best part!) Love your post!

Stephanie said...

I hate painting. Maybe you and Cayman and Mike could come for a visit once we get a home. (Jury still out on the recent new home as Dave's hours have been cut) I need all the help I can get to pick colors.
And if I choose the wrong color my overworked husband will kindly ask me to live with it. Too bad I don't paint as well as you.

Monica said...

I vote for a darker coffee with cream in it.

BUT, I also love to paint.

Tsquared417 said...

It looks amazing! :)

Tyler said...

I think it looks great!! But I agree with you on paint color. It seems everytime I pick a paint color, I think this is the one and then it goes on the wall and I hate it. It usually takes me months to repaint and by then the color ends up growing on me so I end up opting out.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Chris Johnson said...

No professional here but it is sooo nice and bright with this color, anything darker may take away from that. How about doing a fabric color matched toawrds your pillows and rug and do a loopty do around a darker rod the type that has a decor at each end and then let it hang on each side? I'd do shorter on the inside of each window and longer on each outside. You just kinda play with it til ya get the look ya like. I love reading your blog and ideas!!

Sarah M said...

It looks great! I'm sure the new color you pick will be great, too, since you have such great taste. Can't wait to see it in person when you are all done!

Lisa said...

WOw. You are so brave to do all that trim by hand. I would have been so nervous that I would have gotten it all over the wood floors.

I think that it looks lovely. I love a light, clean look. I vote that you keep it :)