Late Night Babbling

Friday, June 5, 2009

Three nights ago, plans were...

  • get to bed early
  • wake up rested
  • and paint for the next several days!
I kept Cayman occupied in the evening, playing and reading books, so she would skip her evening nap and go to bed early. In the past, this plan has worked efficiently. But three nights ago it backfired...

evening, Cayman fell asleep just before 9 p.m.

Perfect! That's a great hour to get to bed early! (so I thought)

I snuggled her in my arms for about 20 minutes, as I enjoyed an evening conversation with my husband. Then we both kissed Cayman goodnight and I laid her down ever so gently.

The clock was about to read 9:30 p.m. as Mike and I turned back the covers to gratefully embrace slumber-land.

Cayman woke up and began babbling!

"Maybe she'll go back to sleep." Mike said in a hopeful tone.

We laid there...


Cayman's babbling continued. As she got louder and more energetic, my hopes of going to bed early faded.

It was the sounds of a baby that had been energized from a nap and was ready to be awake for hours.

I kissed Mike goodnight and went to Cayman's bedside. She wiggled with glee when she saw me peeking over the side.

The next couple of hours I snuggled Cayman, quietly read books to her, fed her a bottle of warm milk, and kept the lights dim, hoping to reinstate sleepiness. When none of that worked, I put her back in bed, with just her nightlight on. I thought that might communicate "it's bedtime".

But she continued to playfully babble, endlessly. Her voice was so cute, I grabbed my video camera.

Have a listen to the sweet sounds that fills our home with so much joy (even at 12:30 a.m.)...


Our renovation project in our living room and dining room is well on its way towards completion.

What we have accomplished:

  • Stripped all the wallpaper.
  • Cleaned the walls and wood trim.
  • Repaired and filled in all cracks and gaps in the walls.
  • Had a drywall mud texture applied to the walls.
  • Primed the walls.
  • Painted the ceiling.
  • Painted the wood trim around all windows and doorways.
  • Painted the walls.
  • Painted the china cabinet (the outside).
What is left to do:
  • Paint inside of the china cabinet (it's going to be a different color than the outside).
  • Paint the fireplace.
  • Paint the fireplace screen.
  • Hang the curtain rods (when they arrive) and drapes.
  • Find artwork for the walls.
  • Get new knobs for the china cabinet drawers.
  • Replace dining room ceiling light fixture.
Majority of the dirty work is done. We're at a comfortable stopping point to put it on hold while we get ready for our community garage sale weekend (to be held in one week). Then after that, back to work on our living room/dining room renovation project. (I'll post pictures soon)

Have a Happy Weekend!

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Tyler said...

How precious was that :) When I was listening to it, Tyler was laying next to me and as soon as he heard Cayman's voice, he started to hum along with her. Too funny!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

ABandCsMom said...

How sweet! I swear that I heard "mamma" several times!!

Katie said...

What a CUTE video!!!!

GREAT job on all the projects.

Missed your blog while you were gone.
So glad you are back!

Tara said...

Oh how I can compare with that! My kids were so easy to con out of that afternoon nap only for it to come back and backfire on me! I learned to just let them take it! lol! Otherwise I did what you did for HOURS! Cayman is so sweet though. I just love that video it's too cute!

Jennifer said...

So, so sweet! I love baby babbling. Sometimes Elijah babbles with such intensity and expression I wish I knew what he was saying! :cD

Lisa said...

The video...or audio I should call it was fabulous! She really just babbles away!

So she takes an evening nap? What is her normal bedtime?

Elisabeth takes one middle of the day nap and then goes to bed at 8:00 and wakes up sometime in the 7:00 hour (sometimes I have to wake her up to get her ready before we take Lex to school)

As for artwork...I hear has some really nice pieces....(wink wink)!

Grandma S said...

Do you suppose Cayman was talking to an imaginary friend like Drop Dead Fred? That would explain keeping Mom and Dad up all night. Beware of unexplained, unwanted painting occuring during the night!

I do believe she was calling out "Mom" a couple of times.

Kristen said...


Cayman's regular sleep pattern is:

She wakes up each morning about 8 a.m. She takes two naps a day. One around noon and another at 5:00. Her naps last about an hour. Then she goes to sleep at night around 10:30 p.m. No doubt the night owl in her comes from me!

Sara said...

OH MY! That is what I hear all day. Kadyn always has a lot to say. Cayman really wanted to just have a conversation huh! I am happy that I heard MAMA! :-) kadyn is always talking. Which I am thankful for!

Tsquared417 said...

That is too cute!! Sorry you didn't get to go to bed early!!

Jennifer said...

That was the cutest thing ever. I love love LOVED it!!!! I've been on vacation and missed your blog!

Debbie said...

Great Babbling for the late hour though! I bet it melts your heart to hear her say "mama"!