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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I come to you today from my sweet spot.

What is my sweet spot you might wonder?

It's this little section of our couch. This is my sweet spot. It's my favorite place to sit and cuddle Cayman, or read, blog, watch TV, relax, etc.

And here is Cayman and I blogging.I am sure I am not the first {or only} person to have ever blogged about blogging. Come on, 'fess up. I know there's more of you out there.

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Anonymous said...

your laptop matches the background of your blog perfectly!!! Is that deep green ur favorite color?

Sherri said...

Ok, LOVE the banner!!
What a perfect spot, all cozy in the corner right by the patio doors! Cayman looks pretty comfy too :)

Lisa said...

What better to blog about than blogging :)

And I couldn't help but notice that your couch and pillows have a Ohio State look to them :)

Kristen said...


You're right, my laptop matches the background. I didn't even notice. I do love green!

Sara said...

I wish Kadyn liked to cuddle with me. He perfers to beable to move move move!

Tyler said...

Looks like a pretty cozy spot. The 2 of you look so comfortable sitting there.

I realized the other day that I am addicted to blogging and checking in on everyone. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Diane, Tyler's mom

bridget said...

Looks very cozy! It's funny because I read another blog from a guy who posted (with pictures) of his computer and where he does his blogging. Makes me think I should do the same...like everyone is doing it! Peer pressure! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Your lounge looks sooo comfy and a great place to blog.

I have made an entry myself on blogging, it's simply called why I blog.