Cayman's Room

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little by little, I inch my way to complete Cayman's room. It is not finished yet. I have a few more projects to complete, but it's getting close to being done.

Do you remember the before?












Here's the After

{more pictures to come when I have it completed}

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Cayman's Daddy said...

That picture shows how good of a decorator you are. Thank you Sweetie for giving our girl such a nice space.

Jennifer said...

Can you come decorate my girls' room??

Angela said...

Hooray! That rug looks fab and will certainly grow up with her nicely! I'm hoping to get some more done this weekend at my house. I'll let you know how the pics turn out :)

Ann said...

That rug is divine. So fun but something that will last. Way to go!

Sherri said...

How sweet! Perfect for your darling little lady:)

The Soldatke family said...

What a pretty, pretty room. I love it! Everything just screams I am a princess! I LOVE IT

Tyler said...

I LOVE it!!! Such a girly, girl room!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Stephanie said...

Looks great.

Stephanie said...

It looks so pretty! I love it! She looks so tiny in the fisrt picture! That's a big room! :)

Monica said...

I agree, that rug is awesome!

Sara said...

How beautiful!!!!! :-)

Amy J. said...

I love it! Not only is it a great room for a toddler but it is one she will be able to grow into and enjoy for many years. Very pretty.

Lisa said...

Perfect! I love how the framed pictures are hanging with ribbons! I have always wanted to do that.....but never have.

I also adore the window curtains!