The Super Bowl

Monday, February 2, 2009

Thanks to "Aunt" Tammi, Cayman was an Arizona Cardinals fan!

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The Soldatke family said...

She's so cute even if she wore the wrong shirt! I'm not a big football fan, but did watch the last five minutes, and I always cheer for the underdog; so Cayman and I have something in common!

Lisa said...

OK, her hair grows more and more each day! So grown up :) And speaking of growing up....Cayman's 1st birthday is just around the corner! So exciting!

So did Cayman enjoy the super bowl?

Tara said...

awwww im sad! thats ok though the steelers still won! and she is still as adorable as ever!

Monica said...

I love her sweet face!

Tammi said...

She is so cute! Even if we didn't win... :O) It was just exciting that we made it! We love you!! Triniti will be here soon - she can't wait to meet Cayman! I went into labor on Thursday and they had to stop the labor because there were so many women giving birth that the doctor couldn't do a c-section so they had to stop my labor.. I was really bummed. I have an ultrasound on Wed and meet with the doctor on Thursday - I think we will reschedule my c-section then for a sooner date. :O) I can't WAIT!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I didnt even watch the game, too bad the Browns didnt make it!! But I was pulling for the Cardinals as well!!! Just because I despise the Steelars as all Browns fans do!! Cayman looks pretty darling in her cardinals outfit!!!
I was reading ur comments above, and wow, crazy to think about Cayman being a year old soon!! My, it seems not too long ago, I waddled into your baby shower and u weren't there! BECAUSE IT WAS TIME!!!!!! And it's so exciting to see how much she has brought to EVERYONE over the past year!!Getting so so big!!! And beautiful, just like her mommy!!
Hope u r having a great day!