Make a Snowflake

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A favorite childhood memory of mine is cutting out paper snowflakes. Every winter I made like a zillion snowflakes and strung them all over my bedroom ceiling.

Imagine my delight when I found this website.

If you want to look up my snowflake the # is:


If you make a flake I would love it if you left me a comment with your flake's number so I can look yours up.

***hint: to look up a flake click on "find a flake", then copy & paste the flake number into the appropriate box and click "search". The snowflake will fall from the sky marked by a yellow arrow. Put the cursor over top the tiny white dot the arrow is pointing to and you'll be able to view the flake. Some of the snowflakes are simply amazing!!

3 Showin' Comment Love:

Ann said...

Ok Dan and I did this. The number for mine is 7595243 and his is 7595353.

Uncle Tyson said...

7600104....If only they were all this gorgous, i would fight global warming even harder

Mom said...

I believe it was more than a zillion snowflakes :o) FUN!!!! There were snowflakes Every Where :o) And what about the Christmas paper chain? I think that one year it could have reached all across the country. Thanks for the precious memories Kristen! And then there was 'remember the troops' ... oh wait... wrong holiday... I think that was Easter...Love ya Charlie! XO