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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mike starts his new job on Monday. Preferably, we would like to be moved before then but the process is taking longer than we would like. Hopefully it will not be much longer though. The 1 1/2 hour commute for Mike will be a killer and we would like to eliminate it as soon as possible. There's always so much to arrange when relocating. We had an apartment picked out but a better option was offered to us. The company owns a duplex that they offer to their new employees that are relocating. They will allow us to stay there free up to 6 months! Pretty cool huh! Mike's going to check it out on his first day at work. I think it's a very small place but "free" kind of makes up for that and it's furnished which is good and bad for us. That's bad because we will have to put all of our stuff in storage, but that's also good because we won't have to pack it up again when we move out of the duplex.

Mike's new employer is going to hire a moving company to come in, pack our stuff in boxes, load the truck, drive the truck, and unload the truck. Amazing huh?!?! I can't even fathom it!!! If I can get past the weird feeling of having other people touch my stuff and let go of some of my anal-retentive ways I think this move won't be too stressful.


Cayman has hit another peak in development:

  • She's eating much better. She's very picky though. Right now her favorites are peaches, carrots, and fruit roll ups.
  • Her hand strength and grasp precision has greatly improved. When she drops a toy she searches for it and picks it up. Her hands have finally gotten bigger where she is able to hold more toys. It was very difficult for awhile to find toys light enough and small enough for her petite hands to hold onto.
  • She's tracking objects at a further distance.
  • She babbles a lot!!
  • And "talks" with lots of expressions in her face and eyes.
  • She recognizes emotions. Sometimes when Mike and I are talking and we laugh, she'll start to laugh too. And most always if we look at her and smile she'll smile back.
  • She gets very quiet around people she is not familiar with.

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Lisa said...

You're right! She does tell her stories with a lot of expression! I loved that last video. It is so fun to see her talking and communicating...I feel like I know her :)

bridget said...

A friend of mine used a moving company when she moved from Boston to New Hampshire and they also had to put stuff in storage until they found a place (they stayed with her parents). Then, because it went so well, they even hired movers to take the stuff from storage into their new place even though it was only across town! She said it was WELL worth the money...and you get it for you can't beat that!

That last video is so adorable. Her smile just melts my heart! And she's becoming such a talker! A girl after my own heart!

Sherri said...

Maybe Mike's new job will have him transferred to Nebraska and then I can kidnap Cayman! She is SOOOOO cute. I love her sweet little voice :)

Tyler said...

She is quite the little story teller. I love all of her expressions.
It sounds like your moving will be pretty easy and not as stressful, although I agree with you on having other people touching my stuff. But it will be worth it. I am sure you will have your hands full with other things.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Monica said...

The military moved us a few times, just be careful. They will pack a garbage bag full of garbage. Everything goes AS IS.

Cayman is one good storyteller. I love her blog.

Uncle Tyson said...

Have fun on the move, I'll be around sometime before X-mas....if you guys need help with storage, I can help store a few items FOR FREE!!...I've already made a spot in my living room to store your TV and Wii..but sorry, only the first two items are stored for free

Kristen said...

Tyson--you crack us up!

Let us know when you're going to be in town. Cayman always loves spending time with her Uncle Tyson.

The Soldatke family said...

Oh my, what aweetie!! Matthew was drooling over her on camera! :) He's already in love!

Glad to hear you have movers to help. That is so nice! It'll take the majority of the load off of you! And yes, free is good! It'd give you guys a chance to catch up, especially at this time of the year!

Grandma Cindy said...

You know Ty -he'll spend all his free time playing Barbies with Madison :0) You will have to take a number for his free time....NOT. I can't believe how strong Cayman has become and how much she is growing! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Kadynsmommy2007 said...

I loved the videos!! She is sooo talkative, and she has so much to say!!!!!! I love how she can sit up so well too! She needs to teach Kadyn that sitting up is fun!!! LOL

Jennifer said...

Listen to Monica! The military has moved us a couple times (I mean, they paid for it...they were not military movers) and they will pack everything!! I had rags packed that I was cleaning with at the time. Wet nasty rags. Ugh!!!
That is awesome about the duplex!! That'll give you some time to find a nice place!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan! :) Good luck moving...and right around the holidays, geez! I haven't had to move with kids so I can't imagine! I'll be thinking of you. Congrats on Cayman's new accomplishments...she's a superstar!

Kacey Bode said...

Wow!! She is doing SO good!! I'm so happy for you, her babbling is amazing, lots of good sounds in there! I noticed the little tooth brush, we used to have to use one on Ella to stimulate her mouth before meals, but so that she would chew, and even better one is an infant electric tooth brush, it comes with a few different heads, it was like $5 and I got it at Burlington Coat Factory but think I have seen it an Walmart too, Ella really like that one!!

Anonymous said...

just love all the Cayman videos!!! She is so sweet!
Ashalyn and Valerie