Food Aversions

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A couple times I have briefly mentioned Cayman's disgust with pureed food. Mike and I have exhausted ourselves trying to get Cayman to eat. The best she would ever do is about 3 bites of carrots and the rest was always forced fed. I've heard it's not healthy to try to force your baby to eat because it creates a negative experience with food which only prolongs the adjustment. So we had to bring in the professionals. Cayman sees a Speech Therapist once a week. They have all sorts of fun gadgets that stimulate and "wakes up" the mouth.

This is a Nuk brush. Before Cayman eats we put her in the high chair and let her chew on this brush for a few minutes. It gets her mouth sensors "warmed up" to accepting a different texture.

Then we use this spoon that has ridges on the bottom of it. It is suppose to be something fun for her tongue to explore and hopefully make the eating experience intriguing.
It only works about 50% of the time though. Cayman is very persistent that she wants only her bottle. At first we tried only one kind of food for a whole week to see if she would get use to the flavor and eagerly accept it. We tried carrots since she seemed to be semi-accepting of them. But after a whole week we were still forcing the food on her. So the Speech Therapist has brought in a whole smorgasbord of food for Cayman thinking that maybe giving her lots of different flavors might work since the other didn't. She has had cheese puffs, fruits, vegetable, turkey and gravy, butter-flavored puffs, even barbecue sauce. The first day, oddly enough, she was accepting of the barbecue sauce but not again after that day.

Here's what she thinks of the cheese puffs:
Cayman says, "I don't have to eat it if I don't look at it!"

Daddy says, "Just try it!"

Oh no, it's so gross!!

It might not look like it in the video but Cayman is making some progress. We just have to continue to be consistent and persistent.

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Anonymous said...

:he magic word is

Sherri said...

Her "gross" face is sooooooo cute! I just can't believe all of the things they have to help our kiddos. That spoon is ingenious!

Mary said...

Riley loves the NUK brush. The first day his therapist got out the vibrating nuk brush Riley was in heaven. He uses his to wake up his mouth so he remembers to laterize his tongue and move the food around properly. Who knew learning to eat could be such hard work. I hope things get easier for you with getting Cayman to eat. I wish Riley could share some of his love of food with her.

Stephanie said...

Elisabeth had texture issues when she was little. For her sour cream on anything did the trick. I am sure you will find Cayman's little fave .

Tara said...

Ugh the frustration of teaching a child to eat... Been there done that... Michelle was and still is my hardest... All I can say is be persistent show her this battle is going to be lost by one person only.. Her... I hope this helps!

Jennifer said...

Savannah wouldn't eat any sort of food until she was 8 months old. She hated pureed foods, too. She's still my little fruititarian. :) Cayman is getting SO big!!

The Soldatke family said...

What about cheesecake?? I would think if they'd let her eat barbeque sauce, cheesecake could be on the menu! When Matthew was in the hospital, one of the mom's talked with a ST about her son not liking to eat and she suggested putting a smear of food of your (or Cayman's) finger and letting them just get messy and play with it or sweep it in her mouth if it's on your finger. I'm sure you've already tried all this, but I thought their information was so helpful and interesting. The nuk brush was cool. I hope she starts liking food soon :) I'm sure that's very frustrating!!

bridget said...

Some of her faces are just priceless! I'm sure it will just get easier as time goes on. Good luck. :o)

Kadynsmommy2007 said...

Looks just like kadyns gross face. Soo cute!! Kadyn liked popcicles now. He also learned a new trick. I am going to talk about that in my blog now :-)

Hope you got those Pjs i sent.


Aunt Sam said...

those videos are wayy too cute!!!