In the Christmas Spirit

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As soon as it gets cold outside, even before the first snow fall, I am in the Christmas spirit.

I start to make Christmas shopping lists, decorate, hum Christmas carols, and anticipate the joy of seeing extended family, even though Christmas is still a few months away.

Mike, as most do, has a difficult time understanding this strong "Christmas bug" that hits me so early, even before Thanksgiving.

Mom created many Christmas traditions in our family. One of those traditions was bringing out the Christmas tree way early.

My dearest mother is the reason why I am the way I am.

I enjoyed this email from Mom today. Oh how it fueled my Christmas spirit!

I believe Madison has been bitten by the Christmas decor Bug!!!

She just sits and stares at the lit but undecorated tree.... has to eat beside it...she lays under it (I like to do that too) and looks up .... she is fascinated with the stockings and hangers and ribbon and everything that goes along with it.... just raisin' another Snider girl who is sensitive and loves Christmas more than just one month or two out of a year...the male world will just have to adjust.... :o) ......gotta get the Christmas music a going... we are watching Santa Clause 2 right now...... such a magical time for all with child-like hearts..... may we never change!

Love and Prayers and kisses to my other two darling daughters!!!!


I'm glad to see Madison will grow up knowing the same tradition as I did.

I just might have to send Mike on some errands and secretly dig out my tree from storage. :o)

I adore the fresh life the glow of a Christmas tree breaths into an everyday room.

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Lisa said...

The Christmas bug has bit me too! I haven't done any decorating (we still have pilgrams, pumpkins, and turkeys all about), but I have been putting on Christmas music! I love it...and Elisabeth seems to also. Isn't this just a joyous time of year??

I love that magical picture that you posted.

Cayman's Daddy said...

If it were not for me you would try to put the tree up if it got below 70 degrees in September. :)

Tara said...

Im trying my hardest to not dig out my tree and throw it up and DECORATE! Without Shawn here I have noone to stop be except myself! lol! Im thinking after the shower I will have stuff started! Hehe!

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Too funny. I am driving to Columbus tomorrow(5 hours in the car) and I got my red cd holder that has all the Christmas music in it to bring with me. I told my husband not to tell anyone. He said "honey you can listen to Christmas music in July if you want too." Boy is he going to be sorry he said that because you know I'm going to do it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike - Santa is watching!!! Are you on the Hum Bug list or would that be the naughty list? Just remember this: "When the mama is happy everyone is happy." Hurry go get the tree out of storage and surprise Kristen but then again it may be too much of a shock to her. May we be the first to wish you ones a Merry Christmas!

Your Mother-out-law said...

Sorry Mike but I have been known to have done that before....the first frost is like a big green light that illuminates that Christmas is just around the corner...I guess in your terms you could say it's like OSU football season excitement to me. Can you identify maybe a little bit even though you don't understand ...that's ok... we will still let to come to the great traditional family gathering :o). I can't wait. I have 'PLANS'.....Can't you just hear the sleigh bells and the carols and smell the evergreens and cinnamon and peppermint...(sorry)

Anonymous said...

we get hit early with christmas too. we put our decorations up after trick or treat nite in town - whenever it falls. this year the tree was fully up, decorations out, christmas music set on the piano - full scale attack!! i've learned that georgie thinks if the candy canes are broken, she gets to eat them. :) she also sings a few choice words of away in a manger. her version is "bed...jesus...HAAAaaaaay" it gets more fun every year!! Blessings and love
amy, aaron and georgie.
[and georgie said "pretty baby" when she saw cayman's picture.]