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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My wonderful husband has joined the blogosphere. Go check it out and leave him a comment welcoming him to the blog world. He always has interesting things to say!


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AL/GAL said...

I tried to leave this on Mike's blog, but his doesn't have an ID choice that I can use to post. Kristen, will you see that Mike gets this? Thanks, AL

Well, Mike,
I am sure your blog will be interesting to us, but in a different way. I won't expound on that, as we will let your readers discover this for themselves. I am not a blogger. I sit in front of a computer all day, so I don't do a lot otherwise. Cayman is a precious, lovable great-niece. She AMAZES everyone. Well, looking forward to reading your blog too.

Love to all 3 of U!
AL/Cayman's GAL

P.S. Kristen hasn't brought up to date, but how is the job that you did the in-person interview going?
Keep in touch and informed.

Lisa said...

Another man in the blogging world...Donald is going to love this :)