Happy Halloween

Friday, October 31, 2008

** I started working on this post on Halloween evening just as I promised. Between computer problems and Cayman's very messed up sleeping schedule (due to her hospital stay), I did not get it posted before 12 a.m. 10-31-08. You can take it up with the little munchkin, but I'm pretty certain you will forgive her after you see these pictures. They are worth the wait. She's so darn cute!!

Cayman's First Halloween


Prowling her prey.
Carving Pumpkins

Mike's pumpkin is the far left one. Do you know what this carving is?

I made this video today for your Halloween scare! It will leave you feeling buggy. :)

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Tammi said...

I love Cayman's outfit - so cute!! :O) She is such a doll!! Look at her holding her head up - she is doing so good!!
It's only 9pm here so I still get to see the pictures on Halloween - so you didn't break your promise!! Cayman looks like she is feeling so much better - we are so thankful for that!! Soon she will be telling you she wants to come and visit Aunt Tammi in Arizona!! :O) I'll send you pictures of Keegan he was a chef - he looked just like his dad! :O) Love ya and miss you!!

Lisa said...

Well who knew that you were the next Spielberg! The video had me on the edge of my seat! The music was perfect...and yes...I feel rather buggy!

Cayman...lets just say she is ADORABLE!!!!! That one picture totally looks like she is meaning to growl! I love it!

Happy first Halloween Cayman!

Tara said...

Bug creepy! Cayman ADORABLE! My fav is the roaring picture! She is just so darn cute! Hope you had a great Halloween!

Shannon said...

Cayman is SO stinkin' CUTE! Very adorable...and I loved the pumpkins too! (You're my HERO!...heeheehee) :)

Also, great choice of music on the video. I do feel a little creepy-crawly, but what a cool thing to catch on video.

Happy belated Halloween!

Josephine said...

Too Cute!!! I love her expression in the second photo - perfect!

Beth said...

Is the pumpkin the sign from Heros?

Mary said...

Cayman is adorable. She has such fun facial expressions.

The bug video is cool and nasty at the same time. I hate bugs......I'm pretty sure we don't have nasty big bugs like that here in Spokane.

Ann said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute! I love the cat costume. Her expressions are priceless.

Sherri said...

Heeheee. We love Heroes, too!
Cayman is so stinkin' cute!!
Did you teach her how to pose like that?? She actually looks like she is roaring! What a sweetie :)

Valerie said...

Cayman looks so cute!!! Isn't Halloween so much more fun when u have a little one? We are at Lowells this weekend up north and going to carve pumpkins with her tonight!! (a lil' late but oh well!!!) So glad u posted pics!! She looks so darling!!!! And your video had me crackin' up!!! Amazing!!!
Happy belated Halloween Cayman!! (and mike and kris!)

Jennifer said...

I was sitting here reading your blog and Brian is sitting behind me, and evidently looking over my shoulder and says, "Hero fan!" So, I didn't know what the pumpkin was, but he did.
The pics of Cayman are SO adorable. Her facial expressions are so cute!!

Amber said...

She is too cute!!! I love the pumpkins....

Angela said...

Haha...too funny...I did the same pumpkin