Thumb Brace

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's been exactly 3 months since Cayman's last shunt revision!! YAY!! Her more serious health issues with her head and stomach have been stable. So now the focus has been turned to the more "minor" details of her health, such as her hands. Cayman was born with a few skeletal malformation.

Her wrists stay inverted.

Her right thumb has an extra bone.

Her left thumb stays flexed into her palm.
The X-ray showed the joint did not fully develop. She never brings the thumb out from this flexed position. In fact she never moves her thumb. There's been question if she is even capable. We push it out to stretch it and help maintain its range of motion. As we have it stretched she will resist so we know she can pull it back into her palm but she never brings it out. It's a mystery why.

Part of Cayman's weekly therapy is working with the function of her wrists and thumbs. Last week the Occupational Therapist ordered her this thumb brace.With her thumb out of her palm she is now able to hold onto toys with that hand!

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Sherri said...

I just can NOT get over how cute her little hands are!!
That is awesome that the braces are helping her hold onto her toys ;)

The Soldatke family said...


Isn't is great to worry about the minor things! Cayman is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

that is the tiniest and cutest little wrist brace!!! And 3 months since her last revision.....that is great!! Cayman is doing so well!! These pictures of her hands are so precious!! I love body part pictures!!!!!
We love you!
The Rice Family

Jennifer said...

Her hands are so adorable!!!!!

Kadynsmommy2007 said...

Yay for the three months!!! Look how cute her little tiny hands are!! I have had to catch up on your posts. LOL BUt gosh she is getting so big!!! Such a big girl!

Kristin said...

ok so I've been reading from the past up and our daughters have a lot in common. I'm really not a stalker :)

Abby has a radial deviation of the right wrist. She is missing a few muscles in palm. Her OT has made several braces as well to make to straighten out her wrist.