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Friday, September 26, 2008

See the time of this post? 2:30 a.m.!! It's been awhile since I've been up so late. This hour of the night use to be my regular blogging time before Cayman figured out night time means sleep time.

Cayman is still sick. That's why I'm up tonight. She's snuggled in my arms and is back to sleep now. I am starting to feel better. Thank God for Mucinex! That stuff works!! It stinks that I have to throw away all of my pumped milk while I take it but it's only for a couple of days.

So what does a mommy do while up so late holding her sick baby?

  • A.) Watch Nick @ Nite
  • B.) Create another blog
  • C.) Enjoy every minute holding her baby
  • D.) all the above
*ding ding ding*

and the answer is...


So you're probably wondering what this other blog is that I created. Good! Because I'm excited to present to you my newest blog addition. Click here.

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Valerie said...

i do believe both Nick and I were up at this time as well!! Ashalyn was sooooo fussy last night, all night!!! I think she may be getting sick as well!! So glad we have a dr appointment today tho! UGH, i hope they don't do shots tho!!!
and the pictures below are awesome!! I really enjoy the one at mike's game!! WHAT A HAPPY BABY!!!!!
And her discovering her feet!!!
Love ya!

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry to hear your munchkin is still sick! =( No fun. We've been praying for you guys to get well soon, and also for a clear path with Mike's job! I just know God is preparing y'all for something amazing.

BTW, I've loved all the pictures you've put up of Cayman recently! (I'm just a loser blogger-friend and haven't left any good comments.) =) She is getting so big! And she is sooooo beautiful! I love her long eyelashes, bright eyes, and amazing expressiveness! You're one lucky momma! =)

Also (question)--Wright-Patterson AFB is one of our possible next stations. Is that anywhere close to you? Maybe if we end up there, we can meet up sometime. Lot's of "if's," but it could be fun. =)

Lisa said...

I am on my way over to check it out, right now!

Shannon said...

It's near Dayton/Beavercreek/Fairborn....? I don't know much about Ohio. =)