Breast Pumping

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday March 18
I love my experience of Breast Pumping. There's so little I can do for Cayman right now in taking care of her. Pumping for her gives me a feeling that I am doing something special for her. One would think that pumping every 3 hours around the clock would be bothersome but it's really not. Perhaps someday it will feel like that if I'm still doing this in months to come but for right now it gives me such a boost in spirit. I love it when I pump a lot of milk! I am guilty of stressing when I can only pump sometimes as little as 1 oz. My lactation consultant is great. Pat is her name. She's an older lady that put my feelings at ease when I was so worried my milk wouldn't come in. She told me that she usually can tell which women will have problems with their supply. Their breasts will be widely set apart from each other, and hang long. She said I have perfect breasts and shouldn't worry. From a sidewards glance I caught a glimpse of Mike's face. He was beaming over the compliment. I didn't dare let myself notice or fully look at him. I would have been so embarrassed, my face would have turned a cherry red for sure. It was about the 4th day when my milk came in! It was so exciting to me!! I believe so much that breast milk is the best way to feed my baby. I want so much to give her the best start to life, especially since her start has already had so many challenges for her. I'm really looking forward to the day when it's her crying that wakes me up instead of my alarm clock every 3 hours!

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