Madison loving on Cayman

Monday, February 18, 2008

I had to share this picture of Madison (my little sister...yes she's adopted) loving on Cayman. It's so sweet. She often pats my belly and says "Hi Cayman". For being 3 years old she seems to understand well that there's a baby in my belly and soon she's going to come out.

Cute story that happened when I was sick in the first trimester..... Madison wasn't feeling well one day. She was holding her tummy. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me she had a baby in her tummy. She thought whenever ya puked and your belly hurt it was because there's a baby in there.

I knitted Cayman another hat last night. I had all good intentions of going to bed at a decent hour even though mike was working. In fact I was heading into bed when I spotted it...a big black spider!! Not a good thing for me!! I did get the courage to kill the thing but I was so freaked out I couldn't sleep. So because of that this hat was made!

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Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

oohhhh...this is my favorite so far. How lovely! You are talented!

Krista Leigh said...

I know Valerie Rice and got your story of your angel through her. I just wanted to comment on the hats you've been making for Cayman... they are beautiful! You have a real talent and they will all look gorgeous on her. I LOVE the purple one.

I'll be praying for you all and the doctors wisdom. Stay strong in your faith and the LORD will continue to watch over all of you. God Bless

Anonymous said...

The hats you are knitting for your precious little girl are beautiful. You are very talented with your hands and with your words, might I add.

Your baby sister is absolutely adorable. I love that pic.