A few wishes

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just a few thoughts before I head to bed.

Things I wish for Cayman...

  • I wish for her to know we love her unconditionally
  • I want her to know how incredibly proud of her we are
  • I want her to know she can accomplish great things
  • I wish no one would ever hurt her
  • I want everyone to love and accept her
  • I don't want her to ever feel different

Things I have learned...

  • I have learned far more medical things than I ever cared to know
  • I have learned I'm stronger than I thought
  • I have learned that life is exactly what it is...life.
  • I have learned to not try to figure life out, but rather figure out how to live life with what it throws at ya.
  • I have learned that people can be very compassionate but can also say some unintentionally stupid things
  • I have learned I can have peace even in the mist of turmoil
  • I have learned my faith in God is real, not just something I hold onto only when life is good

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Anonymous said...

Your words are beautiful. Best wishes to you, baby Cayman and your wonderful family.