The Good, The Bad

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Good and the Bad of things...

The Bad: Learning that anything pertaining to hearing is not covered by our insurance policy. All hearing tests and devices that were ordered and performed for Cayman - not covered. Thousands of dollars are expected of us. It's been a horrendous week as we sort this out, reminding ourselves that God has been faithful before and He will be again.

The Good: Learning impertinent information that should resolve most of the emergency room visit claims that were denied coverage. Thousands of dollars will be paid in full.


The Good: Applying for a financial aid program that is available in Ohio. If we are accepted they will help cover some of the cost in Cayman's medical care pertaining to her hearing needs.

The Bad: In order for this program to pay for her otolaryngology and audiology care, the providers have to be in Ohio. So we will be leaving her old ear doctors in Michigan that have been over her care since she was in the NICU to find trust in new doctors. A lot of apprehension I feel over this.


The Bad: Hearing aid batteries dieing quickly. I change them out about once a week.

The Good: Sending Mike out on an errand to retrieve more batteries one evening this week and him returning with several packages that were on sale!


The Bad: Cayman needing a certain type of eye patch and that has not been easy to find in our tiny town. Nearest big city is 45 minutes away. Not a convenient drive for an item that we need so frequently. Or we have the option to special order them locally for more money.

The Good: A different local drug store started stocking them and for $2 cheaper than the special order ones. Oh this simplifies in so many ways.


The Good: The Antique Road Show is in town. Well not my town but one that is close by. I have some antique Cat Andirons I would love to find out more about for selling purposes. It's the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The Bad: I am trying to find the time to squeeze this into my already incredibly busy week.


The Good: Baby is getting bigger with movements and kicks a lot stronger. The bond between us is growing to be something so tender and tight.

The Bad: My back is not adjusting well to the changes my body is going through as I grow in size.


The Bad: Remodeling projects are expensive.

The Good: This current project will allow for a second income for us as the room is being remodeled for my new massage office.


The Bad: A stubborn second year molar breaking through slowly for Cayman resulting in lots of crying, neediness, and clinging.

The Good: My busy toddler settling down long enough for some cuddles. The good feeling in my heart when those arms reach out wanting to be picked up. The good feeling around my shoulders when she snuggles in tightly.


The Bad: Worrying over Cayman's medical needs that are not covered by our insurance.

The Good: Remembering God has been faithful before and He will be again.


The Bad: Facing some fears and insecurities of mine head on. Never fun.

The Good: Growing deeper in my understanding of God's love for me.

22 weeks pregnant

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Lisa said...


I remember years and years ago when Antiques Roadshow was in Los Angeles. We had this old scroll that we dicided to take in.

We got there and the line to even get in the convention center was miles long. Well, probably not miles long, but you get the picture. So we left.

I hope your crowd is not so huge and that you get in the doors!

Sorry about the insurance not covering anything regarding to hearing. I don't quite understand that.

Overall....I am sorry about the bad.....but so happy about all the good that you are experiencing in your corner of the world :)

dswillis said...

Praying the needed blessings come quickly.

Diane said...

Why is it, that there is always bad with the good? But hopefully the good will outweigh the bad and if not, all you have to do is take a look at your sweet little girl and say it was ALL WORTH IT :)

But it still stinks that you have to deal with the bad stuff!

*Monica said...

It is hard to find the silver lining sometimes, but you are doing a great job of it!

Anonymous said...

I gotta ask, when and where is the Antiques Roadshow going to be? I went on their website and couldn't find the information!! I love watching that show when I get the chance, amazing what people have and don't even know how valueable it is!

Katie (Eicher) Meyer

Linda said...

I don't know what kind of massage therapist you are, but I think you are a fantastic photographer...very talented! I am in Northern Ohio, in a small town, and my friend makes a lot of money with her photography on the side. (She has 5 kids that she home schools!) FYI...Cleveland Clinic has a generous financial aid program. Love seeing that growing belly! Hang in there!

Tiffany said...

I don't understand insurance when it comes to kids with special needs...why hearing needs wouldn't hearing needs be covered??? That makes no sense whatsoever. I am thinking of you and know that it will out work out.

Cayman's Daddy said...

I was glad you didn't put any bad topics about your husband. ;)

KellyBru said...

We found with Tyler's hearing aides that if you open the back up when she isn't wearing them, it helps to save that battery!

David said...

congratulations lisa on being 1st!!

the good, the bad, and you didn't do the ugly!! LOL It's a great movie!

I hope you get to go to the Roadshow. That would be awesome!

Gabriella said...

That silver lining... hold on to it.

I also have learned that if we ask our local drug stores, they often can get things ordered for us. I always went running around trying to find a place that carried such and such, but now, I go to the one that is in walking distance, and ask if they can begin stocking this item, and if so, we will be loyal and only purchase them here! We've become such loyal clients anyway, and so, they always go out of their way to get things for us. Just sayin' to everyone... it's always great to ask for favors from our local businesses - esp. drug stores. We'd be surprised how much they actually CAN and WILL do for their clients.

Kacey Bode said...

What kind of eye patches do you need? We ordered Hunter's through a company, they are great ones, come in diff sizes and have an adhesive that sticks well but is great on his sensitive skin. And, they are awfully cute : )