The Back Yard

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We have a lovely backyard. So much potential lies back there. I see it as a place to relax in someday - eating supper outside on the patio (when we build one), watching the children play on their swing set (when we get one), roasting marshmallows in the fire pit (when we buy one).

So many, many glamorous ideas we have for our backyard.

But first things first. We have to claim it as our own.

You see, something else has taken over our back yard and has been "owning" it long before we moved in.

Ground vines

They grew everywhere!

Along the fencing.

Along the house.

Up the house.

Even making their way under the siding.

Not good. Not at all.

In my opinion there was nothing pretty about their appearance. They looked messy, icky, and were a huge habitat for bugs. Even the professional exterminator could not fully manage our bug issues. My dear sweet Mike has been back on laundry duty while I recover from the trauma of my one-on-one encounters with spiders in our dungeon of a basement (hey, it can't all be as pretty as our refinished hardwood floors).

It was time for the bug kingdom to be removed and finally claim the backyard as ours.

And hopefully those nasty bugs will not find our house to be so attractive to snuggle up with anymore.

That's my dad in the photo. He brought with him all his big, fancy tools to help us conqueror this massive job. Dad did most of the work, bless his heart. Mike had himself some fun with a chain saw (in case you were wondering, nobody got hurt).

I was busy trailing after a really cute toddler that I did not get back out to the roadside to capture the final photo of the pile. It had grown to more than double this size.

And here's some before's and after's...

I don't want those beautiful window panes to be covered up ever again. Imagine what an improvement this change has made from inside the house as well, peering out those windows. It feels so spacious and bright now. It's also made me realize how dirty my windows are. Eek.

Bare and plain is what our landscaping will likely be for awhile (you, know the whole financial thing?). But you know what else, bare and plain has me smiling rather contently right now. I love having all that overgrown stuff gone! My once jungle of a back yard is now a fresh, clean slate. "So much scope for the imagination", as Anne would say. What will it become next?

This feels good to me.

"Thanks, Dad for your help!"

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Diane said...

Wow that looks great. We had the same viney issue at our old house and it makes a huge differene when its cleared out. much more appealing to the eye :)

The Soldatke family said...

Wowser!! That is amazing! I love the before and afters!! And your imagination has some great things planned for your home!

Kuddos to your dad and Mike for beautifying the yard! (And giving the bugs an eviction notice!)

Lisa said...

Is that a Rody in the back window??? Or do my eyes deceive me?

And I agree with Diane and Jill....WOW!!!! What a lot of work....and what a difference! You do have beautiful windows and I agree that's it's nice not to have them all covered over. Wow, wow, wow!

As for backyard visions....Donald has been dreaming of a deck and firpit for the last few years. I keep saying 'next year'. One of these years he's going to hold me to it! :)

Lisa said...

Ha! I see that while I was here at your blog, you were there at mine :)

Good morning to you!

Shannon said...

WOW - what a difference! I love the "clean slate" look! That was a huge job.

Kristen said...


You have eyes as sharp as an eagle! Yep, that's an orange Rody in the window! (lol)

Tiffany said...

It looks awesome! And, no, you never get tired of watching your baby sleep!

ABandCsMom said...

Wow!! Looks great!

Carla said...

Holy Toledo! Your backyard looks huge now! I agree, much better with out the jungle. Love what you have planned:)

Mary said...

What a great clean up! We have something I think is called snow on the mountain which is a ground cover I'd love to figure out how to kill. That darn $ is getting in the way of my landscaping as well. Oh well the snow will arrive soon enough to cover it all up :-)

Sarah M said...

Looks wonderful! And it doesn't matter if it is bare for now because soon it will be covered in leaves, then in snow, so God will take care of the beautification for a while!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Clearing brush is after my heart! All in good time - those backyard fun times will be in your memory! Barbara

David said...

i can't tell you how much i love that huuuuuuge window in the last picture. the wall is All window! which must give the inside a very nice open feel. very nice.

hurray for no more bugs!