Niagara Falls Vacation: The WaterPark

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The morning we left Niagara Falls to travel back home we said good-bye to all our hydro friends except for one family - the Soldatke's. They're from Nebraska and since they would be traveling through Northwest Ohio we decided to caravan the journey west together, making a stop in Toledo, Ohio. We live just an hour from Toledo, but a chance to have another day with the Soldatke's was too good to pass up. So we booked rooms for our two families at a waterpark hotel and had a blast!

Click on photo to view in full screen.

Enjoying the very warm, relaxing heated pool. It put Matthew to sleep.


Mike had lots of more fun with the waterproof camera...

Megan, Steve, and Micah.

That would be Mike.

Megan and Mason.

A pregnant belly shot.

This is the red slide. It kind of flushes you like a toilet bowl - swirling you around before emptying you into a hole. Well, you just got to see it for below.

That was Jill getting "flushed".

The red "toilet bowl" slide is suspended a few feet above a swimming pool. So when it flushes you through its opening you fall into a swirling pool of water and you swim to the exiting stairs. Or if you're like Jill you cling to the side and move along its current quickly trying to show no signs of struggle so the lifeguards don't blow their whistle and jump in to rescue you. :)

Video of Cayman and Daddy going down the little kiddie slide...

Mike has been getting Cayman ready for the Buckeye football season that is about to start. She already can signal "touchdown" what else is there to know? The O-H-I-O of course! She doesn't consistently perform it but I was trilled to get it on video to prove that she will and can do it when that little mind wants to...

And these vacation series always end with a sleeping picture...Because you know, all that fun is plain exhausting!

The End.

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The Soldatke family said...

I dare say that that day was #2 favorite for me (right behind Thursday in the park!). Oh my gosh that was SO much fun!

That toilet bowl slide was SO much fun! Especially since they never blew the whistle at me and jumped in to save me!, But I'm just wondering if putting me in a swimsuit going down a slide was revenge for showing your behind on my blog?? :0)

Thanks again for the awesome, wonderful time! That was so much fun!! So glad to spend an extra day with you!

David said...

oh my gosh, i am for sure going on that toilet bowl flusher slide before i die, it is the coolest thing ever!

way to go cayman, doing the O-H-I-O. Now we need to teach her to do a B-Y-U :)

Grandma S said...

She is one smart cookie. Just don't let Mike try to get her to sing, "We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan."

What happened to Jill after she was flushed? It looks like she would be under water below the flusher.

Carey said...

How fun!! What waterpark did you go to in Toledo? I think that would be fun to take Caleb there when he gets older :)

And thank you for your kind words about my job situation. It's hard, I'm not going to lie. Almost a mixed blessing though -- I'm getting some much needed Caleb time. The downside is I'm not bringing in any income to help our family. God has plans for us though...we just have to be patient. Luckily, all of our creditors are working with us until we get back on our feet. That is the first hurdle. But thank you for the prayers, they really mean a lot.

Shannon said...

That looks like a blast! I don't know about the toilet bowl slide, though - I might be too chicken for that.

Tiffany said...

That looks like fun!! And I had a dream about you last night...we were hanging out and you were showing me your pregnant weird is that?? I think it's b/c I read your FB update right before I went to bed...and it was about being in your 2nd trimester. :)

Tyler said...

I'm so glad that you and the Soldatke's could spend 1 more day with each other. The indoor waterpark looks AWESOME! We went to one last year in Wisconsin. The toilet bowl slide is the BEST!

I love how Cayman does the O-H-I-O. Hopefully it sticks and she continues to do it for you guys.

Also I always love the sleeping picture. She looks so peaceful.


The Soldatke family said...


I've watched that video of me about 42 times now and I still laugh each time...I'm a dork!

Lisa said...

I am slightly freaked out by the toilet slide. So where does it empty you out to?? It seems like you are dropping into a tank? But how do you get out?

So funny though!

Hey, question for you: Can I use that family picture you took of us at Niagara on my post tomorrow? Pretty please :)

Lisa said...

Okay, I just showed the video to Alexandra and Lorelai and they were busting up! And they too want to know how you get out once you've been 'flushed'??

Kristen said...

Grandma S and Lisa, I added a new photo to the post showing the opening of the red toilet bowl slide. Hopefully its exit makes more sense now.

Jill, I knew you wouldn't mind me using the video of you being flushed. ;) haha.

Carey, it's the Holiday Inn right off the Maumee turnpike exit.

David said...

i don't know if you check comments after the post is no longer new, but i was way curious to know if the water park holiday inn had water beds in the rooms. wouldn't that be super appropriate for the theme!?

also, lisa and i were talking today about the toilet flushing slide. we both agree that it is totally awesome. and both of us saw it the same way, like there was only an underwater escape if you wanted to get out of there!! lol thanks for adding the new pic to explain.

Kristen said...


I have all comments, new and old posts, send to my email so I never miss them.

The beds weren't waterbeds. That would be funny if they were. But the beds were incredibly comfy and the hotel rooms themselves were amazing and clean. They would have for sure passed Donald's inspections. It was refreshing to stay there after the previous hotel in Niagara. No spiders in the stairway...that's always a huge plus for me!!!!!

David said...

yeah, the spiders in the stairway were interesting. but at least the econolodge passed the hair test, which is my inspection of sheets and pillows to make sure there arent hairs left over from some other guests, that always grosses me out.
The Microtel Inn and so-called suites, our last stop on our trip, failed the hair test miserably. it was really gross. whatever prompted lisa to book a place called 'microtel' i have no idea!!!
go cayman, get better, we're all rooting for you!

HTRenz said...


I have been following your blog for nearly a year. I always forget that you live so close to Toledo (where I'm from). I just wanted to say that you are very inspiring and I find myself praying for Cayman often.


Nate & Amy W. said...

that palce looks like so much fun!!!!! And I LOOOOOOVE the pregnant belly shot!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! :D :D xoxoxox!