Happy Sounds Coming From Our Corner

Saturday, August 21, 2010

During this hospital stay, Cayman has three other roomies. It's been noisy except for our little corner of the room.

Cayman was quiet.

So quiet.

Then she went to surgery and her shunt was replaced.

Look out.

Our once noiseless corner is now beautifully filled with the sounds of her giggles and toys playing.

It makes my heart soar.

This balloon was given to Cayman by the 9 year old girl in the bed directly across from hers...

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Sarah M said...

I LOVE these photos! Especially the last one. Cayman looks so happy and healthy!

Tyler said...

She has got to be an absolute joy to be around. I love hearing that giggle. I am so glad that all of your prayers have been answered and that cayman is feeling better. Praying that this is her "forever" shunt (Well said by Michelle and Jennifer).


Grandma S said...

Those sounds are music to my ears!

Her bath did wonders--no more wild woman hair. I hope you took some pictures of it before you washed it.

Grandma S said...

Oh, I guess I should have scrolled down to your next entry before I commented. :)

~ Teresa ~ said...

What a beautiful sound!

The Soldatke family said...

What a miracle a new shunt is!! Isn't that unbelievable the difference?? So glad she is back to herself!

Beth said...

So good to "see" her doing so well again!!!!!!