A History of Ann Arbor Days

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I was thinking about the first time I stepped through the doors of the U of M hospital. I was 28 weeks pregnant with Cayman.

I felt tiny in this huge building, walking the long hallways.

Hugging the corner of the elevator as we rode it to the 4th floor.

Passing through several more hallways.

And finally arriving outside the doors to the high risk pregnancy clinic.

I could not have told you the way back to our vehicle.

I was lost in a place I did not want to be.

Now, it's been 2 1/2 years of experience walking those halls.

We have visited many departments -Perinatology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Cardiology, etc.

Cayman has had 11 surgeries there.

She's taken 7 trips to the emergency room, twice by ambulance, and once flighted.

The strides Cayman has made because of that place, the familiarity of it, and the relationships created there, have made this place feel warm to me. It's not so intimidating or scary anymore.

I still might not be able to conduct a tour of the large Mott Children's Hospital at U of M, but that's simply because I have a terrible sense of direction. But at every turn there is familiarity to me and I like not feeling so lost anymore.

During Cayman's last shunt revision just a little over 2 weeks ago, there was a mother in the waiting room greatly upset for matters that I do not know all the details to. I did gather that her daughter, who looked to be about 6 years old, was soon to be admitted into the hospital for a scheduled procedure. The mom was nearly yelling at the staff, upset she did not know where to go. It was her first time there and it felt to her like no one was trying to help. The mom was asked to take a seat and they'd send someone over to assist her. She picked her daughter up and cuddled her onto her lap and said, "Oh I hate this place!"

Regardless whether I felt this mother's behavior was unacceptable in front of her young daughter who had to be feeling a fair amount of fright anyways, my heart broke for this mom.

I know that feeling.

It's the feeling of unfamiliarity.

Loneliness and uncertainty.

Feeling so small and desperate, lost in a place you really don't want to be anyways.

All of this was going through my mind yesterday when we stepped through the doors of the U of M hospital. Being pregnant again has me remembering all sorts of memories from our first trip down pregnancy lane with Cayman.

I saw the same perintologist yesterday and he got to meet our little Cayman for the first out of utero.

And we got to see the precious little blob that is our growing baby!

The head is on the right and the butt on the left.

I'm just over 8 weeks pregnant with a due date of February 15, 2011.

To birth Cayman's large head, the doctor had to perform a classical C-section cut. Because of that classical cut this baby will be born also by C-section 3 or 4 weeks before the due date {if all progresses as planned of course}. The doctor said 10% of all women with a history of a classical cut experience the uterus ribbing open during contractions.

Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

The risks of that are icky of course..death for the baby, potential brain damage, bleeding for the mom.

So the doctors want to take the baby before labor would begin for those said reasons. I thought that was a good idea too! I'm praying my body will be predictable and not go into labor earlier than they think.

There are times when the 2 hour drive to Ann Arbor just feels too far!

I learned yesterday that there is valuable things that happen for the baby when the mom goes into labor. There seems to be a natural communication that signals the baby's lungs to start to clear out the amniotic fluid and get ready to breathe fresh air for the first time. When labor never happens the baby's lungs are born with fluid in them. To help combat this issue and to insure the development of the baby's lungs for the earlier delivery, I'll get those steroid shots to help speed up the lung development.

So many things to think about.

So many things to pray about.

But I can tell you, when I am not laying on the couch nauseous, I feel like I am positively glowing over the miracle of life that is happening inside of me!

I'm so happy!

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The Soldatke family said...

I am so excited for this baby!! I remember the conversation we had about this pregnancy being God's way of saying it is okay to be pregnant again...If God brings you to this, he will see you through it. I know..easier said than done. I feel like I'm preaching to the choir right now..it's easy for me to give this advice, but hard for me to live it.

I will pray specifically for a quiet safe easy pregnancy. I will also pray for expertise for the doctors involved in your care.

Gretchen said...


First, oh how happy we are for you and Mike and Cayman over the new little one in your belly!

Next, I want you to know that when I think of my child Ari, who has Autism and some other stuff goin' on, when I get afraid about his future - I always think of Cayman and the video of her clapping her hands and your comments on that day about how "they" said she would never do that, and much of what she does now. She (and you) inspire me and I find safety and strength in your positive messages and blind trust in God.

Next, I ask for your powerful prayer today as I have been approved to adopt a son from Russia with Down Syndrome! I found out an hour ago and I am overwhelmed with joy. My new son's name is Ian and oh God is he beautiful! (see my blog for his photo).

Last, I want you to know just how big a role you have played in my life. Yours was the first blog I ever read and from the first moments of reading and seeing Cayman's pics and video's, I was just amazed and so inspired.

I don't think I would have ever found Reece's Rainbow without you, as your blog led me to others and then to a button that now brings me to my new son, Ian.

Thank you Kristen and Cayman and all of those who support and bless and keep you, most especially our God.

Grandma S said...

What an exciting year 2011 is going to be! I checked my calendar, and I'm available to babysit anytime next year. :)

P.S. Looks like a boy to me!

Sarah M said...

Aww, the new baby Stamm! How exciting to see him or her already! I'll keep praying for you to feel better soon, for this pregnancy and this baby. God has been so faithful in so many ways and we're trusting that He will continue to be. I'm so happy for you guys!

Beth said...

I am so excited for this baby and for you guys!!! Love love Cayman's tee-shirt!!! Will be praying all goes well!!!

Lisa said...

oh, this is just so exciting! And for some reason I am just picturing it being a little boy. Not that that really means anything....but I thought I would state my prediction :)

*Monica said...

So excited about your new little one. Oh if Cayman only knew what her shirt was broadcasting..lol

Amy Flege said...

woohoo. maysons birthday is feb 15th :)

Sue said...

Ummmm, if this baby is due Feb. 15
2010, isn't that already passed...hee hee hee!! I sooo understand your 'lost' feeling at U of M....we were there a few times and it is huge. For us it was Cleveland Clinic that gave us the lost feeling....I suppose it isn't a good thing when I have commented that I could drive, and then find my way around CC with my eyes closed....probably the way you feel about U of M!! So glad it feels 'good' to you though...that means so much to feel comfortable about where you are and the docs that you are dealing with!
My 'favorite' (if that makes sense), place has always been Toledo Hospital....after Libbey had so many surgeries, tests and procedures done there, we knew everyone, and they knew us...didn't matter where we were there, we always 'ran' into someone we knew...kinda funny. So happy that you are feeling 'glowing' and not nauseous!

Lisa said...

So funny! I was coming back to tell you that you should put up a poll about the baby's gender...and there it was!

Kristen said...


Good job on proof-reading! I got the year corrected now! Thanks! :)

Carey said...

You look over the moon excited!! :):) And Jon, Caleb and I are ALL praying for you and your newest miracle!

Tyler said...

I am so excited for you and your family! I'm glad you feel "comfortable" and "familiar" with he hospital because that takes so much stress off of your shoulders. You know you are in good hands. Love the big sister t-shirt!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Anonymous said...

Happy with you!


Sara said...

Yay for baby number 2. I voted Girl. Mainly because no one else had when I looked haha. :)

Tiffany said...

So excited and happy for you all!!