Mike's Valentine's Day List

Sunday, February 14, 2010

In lieu of Valentine's Day, it was a goal of mine to write Mike a list of 100 things that I love about him. Creating such a list like this is a sure proof way to make certain that even the little things are appreciated and remembered. Mike is an easy guy to adore and I wish for him to always know how much I value him. So this list is my way of reflecting on just some of the many things that I treasure in this amazing man.

So here are 90 of those things (the other ten are just for us).

1. He can always, no matter what the situation we are in, make me giggle. Like the time when Cayman was in the NICU and I was still in the hospital. Mike came out from the bathroom modeling a hospital gown. It cracked me up and then I forgave him for making me laugh when I was only a couple days post-surgery. :)

2. When he snuggles me close, he rubs my head.

3. He is almost thirty years old and still genuinely loves video games. I can clearly imagine him as an 80 year old man standing in line at midnight waiting for the latest NCAA football game to be released.

4. He winks at me. Even after 6 years of marriage that gesture still makes me weak at the knees.

5. I love listening to him pray aloud. He leads us in the best prayers, so genuine and heartfelt.

2002 in Cleveland.
Our first year dating.

6. His parents are two of his most favorite people.

7. The way his voice sounds when he is really excited ab
out sharing something with me.

8. The way he cooks...boy, can he cook!

9. He tears up right along with me each time we watch the videos of our brand new baby Cayman. She is so lucky to have a dad that loves her so much.

10. He’s an excellent, safe driver and drives us everywhere we go.

11. He sings to Cayman his special songs h
e put his own lyrics to.

12. He is selfless, dedicating himself with hard work to take care of
our family.

13. His dimples.

14. The way he hugs and snuggles Cayman and looks adoringly at her. It makes me melt. There is nothing I find more attractive about my husband than when he is being daddy.

15. He is wise and accepting.
When I am afraid or broken, I look to him. When I was an emotional wreck over Cayman's diagnosis, he was a strong post for me to lean on and I never felt judged by him as I processed and worked through our grief.

16. I love how particularly attached he is to very specific pi

17. He speaks so tenderly to our little Cayman.

18. He's really good at creating new lyrics to an already existing tune.

19. He’s extremely intelligent. I think he is a techno-genius. To me, he speaks in a foreign language about computers and things. I can't understand it. But he will patiently teach me about html and other computer savvy stuff so I can carry out my creative touches.

20. He can get Cayman to giggle every time by playfully eating her baby rib meat.

2003 Chicago.
The summer we got engaged.

21. He is a practical spender. We have so many neat things because he knows how to be patient and diligently seek out a deal.

22. He also knows how to splurge appropriately.

23. He has beautiful eyes. I don't think it's fair that he has those long eyelashes but they sure do make him dreamy to look at.

24. He's not much of a dog person but he still takes me to the pet store just so I can hold and dote on all the cute little puppies because he knows I like it.

25. He dances with me...and now with Cayman too.

26. He enjoys reading a book with me, even though it's not particularly his favorite thing, but he makes it enjoyable because I like it.

27. He is loyal. I never have to wonder.

28. He puts up with all my blogging and actually loves me for it.

29. His trustworthiness. I trust him with my life and

30. He is a fantastic grocery shopper and I rarely have to run that errand because he enjoys doing it.

31. He’s excited when I buy something for myself because it makes me happy.

32. I love how he cannot get into an unmade bed anymore after my consistent bed making routine. It has transformed his view into one that realizes how a made bed is way more comfortable to sleep in than an unmade one with the cove
rs all crooked and bunched up.

33. He helps around the house and sometimes I don't even have to ask first.

2003 Gingerbread House.

34. He honors me by not watching raunchy TV shows or movies.

35. I love the little things he does to make my life easier, such as the time he secretly slipped a note in the sleeve of my coat for me to find the next morning, reminding me to grab Cayman's records that I needed for an appointment I was taking her to. He had seen the note I made on the calendar but took extra measure to make s
ure I would not forget them because he knows how it bothers me when I feel unorganized.

2003 at a freezing cold Buckeye Football game.

36. He’s a homebody just like me.

37. He retucks me in bed every morning before he leaves for work.

38. I love that he can't sleep well without me.

39. He is very socially adept, and the shy person I am, is always proud (and grateful) to have him around in social situations.

2004 Spring. We were married.

40. He tells me I'm beautiful whether I have make up on or not, it makes no difference in the way he sees me.

41. He encourages me with all of the projects I take on (cooking, decorating, photography, Internet, etc.).

42. I love how attached to each other we are and rarely go places without the other one.

43. He does little things to remind me how much I am loved by him...like opening my car door or loading a ring tone onto my phone that he knows will make me smile.

44. I love that he is not intimidated by confrontation.


45. He won’t relax if there’s anything wrong between us.

46. He lets me pick the movie or TV show we’ll watch.

47. He keeps in touch with me throughout the day.

48. He seeks to understand, even in the times when he doesn't and I feel frustrated by that, I do still see how much he cares for me.

49. He can fall asleep in 5 seconds no matter where he is.

50. He dishes me out the best bites from the ice cream carton, you know, the ones with all the yummy chunks.

51. He is decisive and can quickly make decisions if needed.

52. His strong, defined calves.

53. He carries my shopping bags.

2004 Summer.

54. He supports the right team. Go Bucks!

55. He holds my hand when we're in public.

56. He likes my legs even though they will never be shapely, toned, and pretty by any world's standard.

57. He doesn’t give compliments that he doesn’t mean, which makes them all the more valuable.

58. He always kisses me twice before bed since he did the math on how many extra kisses he would obtain over a lifetime by adding one extra kiss before we shut our eyes.

2006 at a Buckeye Football game.

59. He will ask for directions if he needs them, although he has a great sense of direction and rarely does.

60. He’s ticklish.

61. He’s very logical.

62. He protects me in countless different ways.

63. On occasions he talks in his sleep – it’s infinitely amusing!

64. He’s a hands-on father. The first time I saw this was when Cayman was just 2 days old. She had surgery the day prior and seemed so tiny and so fragile laying in her little incubator bed in the NICU. The nurse came over to change Cayman's diaper and Mike asked if he could do it. That was the first diaper Mike ever changed. I was amazed by that. By typical reputation, men run for the hills when it's diaper changing time. But even in a situation that was as intimidating as a medically fragile baby recovering from abdominal surgery and on a respirator, he was ready to take care of his little girl. And he was so perfectly gentle too.

65. He's not afraid to try new things and encourages me to as well. (I would like to take this moment to thank him for introducing me to sushi.)

66. He never says anything negative about me to other people. He always praises me.

67. Taking family vacations are high priority to him.

2006. On the field of the Horseshoe.

68. His fetish for hats and watches.

69. He's always working and willing to improve on the things that he's not good at that bugs me, like his selective listening.

70. He always helps me when climbing down from gym bleachers or stairs without railings because he knows it's one of the things that is very difficult for me do because of my injuries.

71. He pushes me out of my comfort zone when I won’t do it for myself.

72. He’s sensitive without sacrificing his masculinity.

2007 Venice Beach, California.

73. He knew he was going to marry me even before we were officially dating.

74. He is proud to be married, and doesn’t miss single life at all.

75. He always comes to me first with any thoughts, fears, happiness, struggles, good news, etc.

76. Just having him home makes any day perfect.

2007 in L.A. eating at In and Out Burger.

77. He and I grow together. We become stronger in our marriage with each year and I can’t picture the rest of my life without him!

78. He never gets upset if I don't have lunch or supper made. On the contrary, when he gets home and sees nothing is made he'll just jump right in and start cooking.

79. He can throw together the most delicious meals without ever planning them out first. He creates as he goes.

80. He has adapted to my great ability to communicate well at night even though he's really tired and naturally prefers to go to bed early.

81. He brings me little treats or gifts that he knows I’ll like.

82. He can name my favorite flower.

2007 Beverly Hills.
Meeting Wolf Gang Puck at his famous restaurant Spago.

83. He makes sure our vehicles are in good shape before we go on a road trip.

84. He always so bravely kills the spiders in our house and never makes fun of me for my ridiculous and excessively blown-out of proportion phobia of them.

85. He doesn't stress easily.

86. He forgives me over and over when I do something wrong.

87. I love knowing that if I died today, I will see him again in Heaven. He's knows Christ as his Savior.

88. His warm body, especially because I'm always cold!

89. He is my best friend and that is not a cliche line...it is the truth.

90. I love him for being my husband. I am truly, madly, deeply in love with him and all that he brings to our marriage. I am so honored to be called "Mike's wife."

2008 We became parents.

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Lisa said...

The perfect post to read on Valentines Day! If only all couples could be like you two....what a wonderful place this world would be!

oh ya....


Stephanie said...

Beautiful post.

*Monica said...

What an amazing valentine's post. Those are all amazing reasons to love him.

Have a great day.

My name is Sarah said...

Marvelous!!! Wishing you many, many more scarlet and gray Valentine days.

Carey and Jon said...

Best list ever! It is definitely obvious how much you love each other, and Cayman. I especially like the one about hime being an 80 yr old and still playing video games...hehe, I can see Jon being that man too :)

Josephine said...

This was such a wonderful post to read! Hooray for you finding such a wonderful man to spend the rest of forever with - he sounds just perfect, and it made me happy to read :)

Sue said...

What an amazing Valentines gift to Mike....it will be hard to top next year!!

Carla said...

I am tearing up over this! I loved the pics of you two, a beautiful post!

KajnBlonde said...


What a wonderful list to give Mike as a gift...but what an awesome gift he gives to you in being all those things!! You and Mike are the perfect couple, I wish you 99 more years together...Cayman is s lucky to have you both as her parents!

P. S. Does Mike have an single,older uncle, or friend just like him?? This Kajnblonde would love to find someone just like Mike. HE NEEDS TO BE CLONED! HAHAHA

Katie said...


JUST ppppeeeeerrrrfffeeecccttt!

Grandma S said...

What a beautiful list! I do have to say that he must have learned 4, 10, 27, 40 and 79 from his dad.

I imagine his list to you would be twice as long if he could leave the video games long enough to write it out. :)

The Soldatke family said...

What a great Valentines present!! And a perfect tribute to such a great guy!!

Oh and the third picture does not look like Mike at all. Curls??? and long hair??? Are you sure??

Happy Valentines, my friend!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! And I LOVE seeing the old pictures of you guys!! fun!! he's quite a guy. :)

Sarah M said...

A very sweet post! I'm so glad you guys have each other. It is fun to see the ways you compliment, love and accept one another. You guys are definitely one of my favorite couples!